Greetings faithful followers! The blessed day has arrived! Honey, I Joined A Cult has left Early Access and is now in full release with version 1.0!

Watch our latest and greatest trailer, from the man himself, Burt Biscuit – here

We thank you for joining us so far on our journey to enlightenment and we are very excited to see how your cults will prosper and thrive in this new era!

If you are just joining us in the world of Cult management and building, then welcome in too! You’ve picked the perfect time to build your dream cult.

Today, our glorious leader, Burt Biscuit has unleashed even more opportunity and potential for your Cult leading journey.

Let’s have a read of the new features, additions, fixes and changes that are being added in v1.0!

Update 5 – V1.0.005

Difficulty System (including Sandbox playstyle options):
  • Changeable both at game creation and during play from pause menu.
  • 13 Sliders that can affect difficulty and durations.
  • 3 toggles to unlock research and items at any point to allow for a sandbox like experience.

Building System:
  • Carpeting system: Place 17 different floor tiles internally in a large variety of colours.
  • Precision building: Objects may now be placed on a more compact grid of 32px rather than 64px allowing objects to better line up.
  • Colour customisation: Many décor objects now have colour palettes options to allow them to better match up with your chosen theme.
  • Build menu: categories can now be collapsed and expanded to allow easier navigation.

Protest and Raid System:
  • Interactions have been added to protests and raids rather than having them be a passive mechanic.
  • You may now alter the outcome of protests and raids by pacifying protesters or hiding evidence.
  • Your ability to pacify protesters and hide evidence is based on cultist skill groups.
  • Protests will now occur earlier at a lower heat rating.

NPC Interactions:
  • Cultists and Followers may now react to the environment around them.
  • Interactions include such things as sitting on chairs, applauding particularly nice décor objects, or showing their frustration at broken objects or mess on the ground.

Help Manual:
  • Help manual added (accessible through HUD).
  • Help manual has comprehensive list of topics.
  • Each topic has detailed breakdown of information.

Steam Achievements:
  • 31 Steam Achievements have been added to the game of varying difficulty.

Steam Trading Cards:
  • 6 Steam trading cards have been added along with 5 backgrounds, 5 emotes and 6 badges.
Other Additions and Changes:
  • New Mission Choice events added.
  • New Leader Demands added.
  • Customisation screen colour palettes behaviour changed to show colour previews on mouseover.
  • Customisation screen leader features section now also shows glasses allowing for a combination of hat and glasses at the same time.
  • Many new hats and outfits added.

  • Many new hair and facial hair styles added.
  • Many new relics and symbols added.
  • Building menu “Floor” category has been separated into “Indoor Floor” and “Outdoor Floor”.
  • Tab Icons of Cultists overview menu and Cultist sidebar menu now match each other.
  • Cultist sidebar now shows skill group totals.
  • Mission skill totals now update without the need to assign Cultists when running Covert Ops.
  • Followers can now starve to death if trapped inside the compound over a prolonged period.
  • Therapy room Money and Influence gains have been adjusted to give an overall increase in resources.
  • Additional newspaper stub articles added.
  • Option to turn off spiral rotation on menus added to accessibility options.
  • Loading screen tooltips added.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed mood breaks occurring a higher than intended mood threshold.
  • Fixed rare crash when collecting Leader Demands reward.
  • Fixed rare bug that would make Divine Inspiration unable to be unlocked.
  • Fixed rare bug that would make missions end abruptly without warning or notification.
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur during missions.
  • Fixed some objects with HQ limits that did now show an error message when trying to place additional ones.
  • Fixed Cultists attempting to use the Vending Machine even if they were told not to.
  • Fixed heating being lost instead of gained when dismissing some followers.
  • Fixed Circular Saw not reducing repair cost of broken objects.
  • Fixed some Leader Demands that did not trigger or track correctly.
  • Leader Statues now fully grey out in the build menu when relevant.
  • Changed some room recommended sizes.
  • Additional objects now emit light at night.
  • When building foundation, it’s appearance correctly turns red if attempting to build in an out of bounds area.
  • Room functionality updates more consistently when an object from that room is removed.
  • When attempting to place outdoor floor tiles indoor the icon now turns red.
  • The Japanese language added.
  • Fixed many typos.
  • Fixed many missing references.
  • Fixed many incorrect references.
  • Fixed many incorrect translations.
  • Fixed many overflowing text strings.
Team 17 Cosmetics

We also have special Team17-based outfits and hats for players who purchase the game in the first week of launch, aswell as those players who already own Honey, I Joined A Cult.

After the first week, these cosmetics will be vaulted away for new buyers, so don’t miss your chance for these exclusive Worms, Blasphemous, The Escapists, The Survivalists, Yooka & Laylee and Narita Boy outfits!

So there we go! Go forth with this new knowledge of Cult leadership and convert the world to your cult and way of thinking. We hope you enjoy the new additions, changes and tweaks!

Please continue to report any issues you experience (crashes, bugs, etc) in our Report A Problem forum, or to our team via email:

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