Bring Peace and Love to your followers in the latest Honey, I Joined A Cult update!

Greetings Faithful Followers ☮

We come bearing great news… Update 3 is now live! We’ve got a huge amount of new features and content, including our brand new Peace & Love theme. ✌🏼

See the new update trailer featuring the one and only Burt Biscuit here!

We’ve got a whole heap of lovely content ready for you to help bring inner peace and loving vibes to your cultists and followers in this update!

Visit the games Steam Store page to find out more!

New Rooms! 🏠

For starters, we have 6 brand new rooms for you to add to your compound when you choose the Peace & Love theme, including the Free Love Room, Experimental Arboretum, Maypole Dancing Room and the Special Incense Lounge to name but a few!

New Endings! 🔚

A new theme means 2 brand new endings for those peaceful and loving leaders amongst you.

New Outfits! 👗

Peace & Love has a style of it’s own – dress up in our new outfits and hats to show the world just how much you care.

Night-Time rooms 🌙

Your prayers were not in vain, someone was listening. One of the biggest requests we’ve had from the community is for there to be more things to do at night. Now the twilight hours offer their own opportunities: we’ve added 3 new night-time only rooms, including the Counterfeit Goods Department, Ministry of Propaganda and Moonshine Distillery. We won’t spoil exactly what these do right now but you should find them very, rewarding. Keep your eyes peeled for a new mini-game.

Tutorial and Prestige system reworks

We continue to take player feedback on board in this update, we’ve made changes to the Tutorial to streamline the introduction to cult life. The Prestige system has also been adjusted based on player feedback, the new Prestige Level stat should allow you to easily determine the effect of a room’s prestige on your cultists.

Saving and Loading 💾

The Save and Load system has been reworked, meaning that Loading times will be much quicker, so you can get back to your Cult faster than ever! We are now fully supporting saves moving forward. We should no longer be invalidating saves between updates.

We hope that you enjoy the latest update for Honey, I Joined A Cult and look forward to seeing your thoughts on social media and on the official Discord Server

Full details can be found below:

New theme added: Peace & Love

  • 6 new rooms added.
  • 3 new Special Characters.
  • 2 new end games to reach.
  • 3 new outfits.
  • 3 new hats.
  • New missions for special rewards.
  • New objects for stealing missions.

New night-time rooms added:

  • 3 new night-time related rooms added.
  • New minigame added to one new room.
  • These rooms are only available to work at night.
  • Some existing rooms are now set to daytime only.
  • Menu buttons that can set default work schedules now include a night-time option.
  • Standard tech tree expanded slightly to incorporate these new rooms.
  • Existing saves with a progressed tech tree can go back and research these rooms.

Tutorial Rework:

  • The initial tutorial has been shortened and streamlined.
  • Initial tutorial now includes some premade buildings to aid the streamlining process.
  • Parts of the tutorial now appear dynamically later in a playthrough.

Prestige Rework:

  • Rooms now have prestige levels in additional to a prestige value.
  • Prestige has been lowered on most objects.
  • The amount of prestige required per room for each mood threshold has also been lowered.

Build Menu Rework:

  • Some types of objects in the build menu such as pews or pictures have been merged and now have a colour selection button.
  • Added cancel button to build menu search function.

Saving and Loading:

  • Loading times for save games has been vastly improved.
  • We are now fully supporting saves moving forward. We should no longer be invalidating saves between updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some leader demands / quests not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed some leader demands / quests not tracking correctly.
  • Fixed issue where “Strange” traits could be removed in the Ministry of Alteration, but their effect still occur when a cultist was removed from the cult.
  • Fixed mission success chance changing after it was launched if one or more of its assigned cultists had a temporary skill increase and that skill increase wore off during the mission. Mission success chances should not change once a mission is launched.
  • Fixed multiple dialog boxes popping up if whilst moving an object, the player right clicked multiple times.
  • Fixed the “Clear” button on cultist priority menus that would set rooms to ignore instead of clearing them.
  • Fixed hospitality room skill tooltips showed skills showing as “Not Loaded”.
  • Fixed endgame screens showing sidebar menus under certain conditions.
  • Fixed FPS drop when viewing an endgame rooms room sidebar menu.
  • Fixed a room sidebar menu occasionally closing when placing an item down from the build menu.
  • Fixed incorrect statue text when a Follower left a cult due to being insulted or attacked.
  • Fixed Divine Inspiration menu sound sometimes being louder than intended.
  • Fixed Divine Inspiration menu sometimes displaying “Leader Sanctum Error” by mistake.
  • Fixed Kitchen menu order tab missing sounds.
  • Fixed untended interactions between Divine Inspirations menu and the Missions menu.
  • Fixed exclamation mark sometimes appearing on the build menu when no new objects were present.
  • Fixed room sidebar menu showing tooltips for objects that were scrolled off the end of the menu.
  • Fixed short range of light sources for the “Scared of the Dark” quirk.


  • Fixed many typos.
  • Fixed many missing references.
  • Fixed many incorrect references.
  • Fixed many incorrect translations.

Please continue to report any issues you experience (crashes, bugs, etc) in our Report A Problem forum or to our team via email:

Make sure you also follow Honey, I Joined A Cult on Twitter and come join your fellow Cult Leaders on the Discord Server for feedback and discussion of your favourite parts of this new update.

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