Patch notes from the update released on the 30th November 2022

Greetings faithful followers!

We have received the below gospel from our true savior and leader, Burt Biscuit! The latest patch for Honey, I Joined A Cult (v1.0.109) has just launched on Steam and contains the below fixes and additions!

Now, take these wise words from Burt and go build the best cult the land has ever seen!

  • Significantly reduced the mood duration of Prestigious Acclaim leader demand.
  • Credits updated.
  • Changed the Compound menu to display Prestige Level instead of Prestige Score.
  • Updated some tutorial tooltips.
  • Changed the duration of Sermon Skill Boost from 48 Hours to 25 Hours and halved its cost.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Prestigious Acclaim leader demand triggering in all rooms, foundations, and outdoor areas instead of only assigned rooms.
  • Fixed Cultists sometimes not using beds at night-time.
  • Fixed Prestige Level of rooms changing when loading the game.
  • Fixed some Mission Choice Events where their choices lead to the wrong outcomes.
  • Fixed Cultists sometimes not using night-time rooms or using incorrect rooms at night.
  • Fixed Followers sometimes becoming stuck if they leave the from unhappiness.
  • Fixed potential crash if a paper boy arrived in the game world.
  • Fixed potential crash when clicking continue on the title screen.
  • Fixed potential crash when assigning a room with the Compound menu open.
  • Fixed potential crash with Follower menu.
  • Fixed potential crash with stats menu.
  • Fixed wrong icon and tooltip for Medium Risk effect in the Special Incense Room menu.
  • Fixed Free Love Room and Special Incense Room costs not being affected by difficulty selection.
  • Fixed some pew types changing colour when rotating them.
  • Fixed shadow problem on some Futurist and Darkness theme walls when a door is placed into them.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions on Butchery and Espionage tooltips regarding the Moonshine Distillery.
  • Fixed Shrine of Light incorrectly changing into a tree trunk when turning tree visibility off.
  • Fixed missing graphics on Recreational Room when a Cultist is selected.
  • Fixed Followers sometimes spawning at the edge of the road repeatedly after a sermon ends.
  • Fixed an incorrect number of arrests sometimes being reported after a raid ends.
  • Fixed the tooltip of some Arboretum plants displaying incorrect values.
  • Fixed Relic name sometimes reverting to a previous saves name.
  • Fixed various issues with achievement tracking.
  • Fixed Cultists not levelling up in the tutorial if the game is paused.
  • Fixed newspaper random events sometimes not ending correctly.
  • Fixed Meditation room menu not updating its stats correctly.
  • Fixed issue when minimising the game and objects disappearing.
  • Fixed Cultists not ordering correctly by Faith in the Cult Overview menu.
  • Fixed Cultists not ordering correctly by Skills in the Cult Overview menu.
  • Fixed dynamic tutorials appearing again after turning them off.
  • Fixed building paths part of the tutorial sometimes failing.
  • Fixed some dynamic tutorials not triggering.
  • Fixed many typos.
  • Fixed missing references.
  • Fixed incorrect references.
  • Fixed incorrect translations.
  • Fixed overflowing text strings.

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