Patch notes from the update released on the 25th August 2022

Greetings faithful followers!

We have received the below gospel from our true saviour and leader, Burt Biscuit! The latest patch for Honey, I Joined A Cult (v.0.6.104) has just launched on Steam and contains the below fixes and additions!

Now, take these wise words from Burt and go build the best cult the land has ever seen!

  • Fixed Free Love Room Cultist being unselected in assign menu.
  • Divine Inspiration Investigate button now greys out when the player does not have enough resources.
  • Fixed Discombobulator room upgrade not working correctly.
  • Fixed autosave occurring even if it is turned off in the settings.
  • Altar of Harmony now appears in the correct areas of the build menu.
  • Fixed name of Counterfeit Goods Department universal objects.
    Fixed Infirmary Medical Book count.
  • Fixed numerous references to the Cultist noun being referred to as a default cult noun.
  • Fixed the Just a Scratch trait in the Free Love Room.
  • Fixed notification not appearing when a Cultist gains a trait during level up.
  • Fixed Leader abilities sometimes ending up in a loop.
  • Fixed default sermon time on new playthroughs to take into account new night-time content.
  • Fixed default schedules on new playthroughs to take into account new night-time content.
  • Fixed Social Butterfly quirk to work with theme specific therapy rooms.
  • Fixed rugs that do not have cult symbols on not being counted for some quirk checks.
  • Fixed some followers staying at the cult for too long at night.
  • Fixed tooltip on Esteemed PR quirk.
  • Fixed Leader not seeing room prestige in the same way as Cultists. Their view of rooms is now takes into account the average Cultist level.
  • Fixed Experimental Arboretum sometimes giving Futurist theme points into of Peace & Love theme points.
  • Fixed Cultists facing backwards when using sinks.
  • Fixed theme outfits that are unlocked sometimes being locked again.
  • Fixed Experimental Arboretum plant moods.
  • Fixed Cultists sometimes not using the best nearby object.
  • Fixed Covert Ops being a daytime only room. It is now all day.
  • Fixed Holy Room being an all-day room. It is now a daytime only room. (For therapy aspect of room only, sermons unaffected)
  • Fixed notifications sometimes appearing regarding Followers resisting injuries that should not appear.
  • Fixed Preparation Begins leader demand not working with Peace & Love theme.
  • Fixed certain Leader Demands appearing when they should not.
  • Fixed Mission Encounter tutorial appearing twice.
  • Fixed Biscuit Stealer leader demand appearing.
  • GDPR leader advancement has been disabled for new games.
  • Fixed research menu lines and dots were misaligned in some cases.
  • Fixed research menu occasionally appearing empty until scrolling.
  • Fixed stats menu doubling some values.
  • Fixed Ministry of Alteration assign Cultist menu sometimes crashing.
  • Fixed leader demands collect button sometimes not working.
Language and Localisation:
  • Fixed many typos
  • Fixed many missing references
  • Fixed many incorrect references.
  • Fixed many incorrect translations.

Please continue to report any issues you experience (crashes, bugs, etc) in our Report A Problem forum, or to our team via email:

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