Greetings Faithful followers

We have great news for you today as Update 2 is now live! The Future of Cults has landed in the all-new Futurist update for Honey, I Joined A Cult! Build the Cult of Tomorrow right now with our new additional content in Update 2!

See the trailer for the new update here

6 brand new Futurist rooms have been added for you to Experiment On/Liquefy/Flight Train your followers and cultists to ensure that they are ready for the future that you will control!

We have also added more special unique characters you can recruit to your noble cause, all themed as you would expect for a Futurist update!

In this new theme, we have of course, incorporated 2 brand new endings for you to discover during your time as leader of your new Futurist cult.

A new theme wouldn’t be complete without new additional outfits and hats. You can now make sure your cultists are ready for this brave new future that they are going to create by making them dress the part with our 3 new outfits and hats.

Your leader has seen the future and will help by giving you Leader Demands from time to time. Make sure you fulfill their needs and requests to get potential rewards or fail to satisfy their desires and reap the consequences!

We have also reworked both the Divine Inspiration and Research Tech trees in-game too. The Divine inspiration now features a visual representation of progress, making it easier to track your nefarious deeds!

Now is the perfect time for you to start the ultimate cult of your dreams!

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See the full patch notes here and visit the Steam store page here

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