Greetings faithful followers!

Our glorious leader, Burt Biscuit has passed on the below-classified document, detailing new features you should look forward to during the Honey, I Joined A Cult Early Access timeline.

Feast your eyes upon its glory and bask in its light!

Major Updates:
  • Difficulty System
  • Carpeting System
  • Police/Protest upgrades
Other improvements:
  • Steam Achievements
  • Community Feedback tweaks
  • A Help Manual
  • UI tweaks
  • Balancing improvements
  • Steam Cards
  • NPC Interactions

We look forward to sharing more information on these changes when they are ready!

We are also starting to implement Steam Achievements! They are visible now, but these will only start to be tracked and become achievable from release version 1.0, so don’t worry if you don’t seem to be able to unlock them yet!

Please continue to report any issues you experience (crashes, bugs, etc) in our Report A Problem forum, or to our team via email:

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