Hey there, Residents!  

We’re so excited to announce that the World Shrines update for Hokko Life is now ready for release on Nintendo Switch!  

We would like to firstly apologize for the wait, and thank you for your patience   we wanted to fit in as many bug fixes as we could and ensure this patch would perform as it should! Rest assured, the update is also coming soon to PlayStation and Xbox.

Find all the details about this update below! 

More Space! 🏘️

You will now be able to EXPAND your housing! Interact with a home to add either a roomy upstairs or downstairs, yours to decorate however you please! 

World Shrines 🔮

Travelling has never been easier, with World Shrines! Donate resources to shrines to unlock them, and teleport between locations!

My Designs Tab 🎨

You will now be able to see and manage your created and downloaded designs! In the My Designs Tab you can delete creations, as well as see how much space each one takes up.

The Barn! 👩‍🌾

We’ve added a new location! You can now go inside, and decorate the small barn on Aubrey’s Farm!

Bug Fixes & Improvements! 🛠️

In addition to all the above, this update also includes a huge host of various fixes, changes and improvements.  

In particular, the Mayor Merits screen has been reworked, and now gives hints on how to use unlocked features! Some merits have also had their requirements lowered, to make them easier to unlock. Thanks to the feedback we received from players, we have also improved the main intro flow to guide new players through the beginning of the game, as well as added an on-screen guide so you’ll always know what needs doing next!

Thank you to our fantastic community for your continuous feedback and support as we worked on this update! Find the full list of patch notes for this update below. 

Patch Notes 📄
  • Community: Expandable Housing: Interact with a home to add either an upstairs or downstairs room!
  • World Shrines: Donate resources to shrines around the world to unlock them and teleport between locations!
  • Added a quest tracker on the HUD, showing main quest steps, as well as any villager requests the player is tracking
  • Community: Added a tab for Player Creations in the Design Tool, from here you can:
    • Browse all the furniture creations in the game’s save data and:
      • Craft a copy of any of the designs
      • See how much disk space each design takes up
      • Delete designs
    • See how much space all of your furniture creations take up relative to how much space is available
  • New Barn location! You can now go inside the small barn on Aubrey’s Farm
    • Removed edge blur from dialogue ui
    • Creator code is now saved after first online connection, speeding up saving of creations and fixing an issue that could be caused if there was no internet connection when saving.
    • Community: Bridge and stairs placement is less strict about rotations
    • Community: Intro quests now count towards “requests completed” stat
    • Weed respawn rates are no longer tied to real-world days
    • Worked into the Mayor Merit screen to make gameplay merits more visible as well as what stats are required easier to read.
    • Community: Locked off Roof and Wall area of Rosa’s office until the correct Mayor Merit is unlocked
    • Food Crafting UI has been updated to match rest of game UI
    • Tweaked lighting in homes to make the shadows less ugly when in low resolution
    • Tweaked size of the “sweet spot” on fishing prompt so it’s more easily seen
    • Intro quests can now be completed if the player skips the quest stage where they need to show the item to the giver and instead places the item in the world
    • Moved Merit Notification into HUD Quest Tracker
    • Up to 2 villager requests can be pinned to the HUD Quest Tracker for easy reference
    • Added nicer borders to house interior meshes, fixing weird texture stretching issue on most houses
    • Community: Mayor Merit rewarded items are now given in a letter instead of given to the player, which in some cases caused the item to go missing.
    • Community: Halved the Fishing Tournament requirements for Mayor Merits
    • Optimisations done to a whole bunch of game components to help with loading times 
    • Removed grumpy dialogue about putting things under your nose to cure illness
    • Community: Added dialogue to Sally to help guide the player if they try working on the Broken Chair quest while the farming introduction quest is active.
    • Added platform icons to UI in various places so players can more easily see what platform a design was created on. 
    • Tweaks to loading on community store and player stores to decrease loading times if you’ve already been there once
    • Added hint to hoe, seeds and fishing rod about how to open the settings/bait menu
    • Added information for multiple merits to the merit screen to give more information and show what button press is needed.
    • Removed save upgrade message for old saves
    • Changing the roof or wall patterns of a house now returns the old Pattern to your backpack
    • The ui now flashes when you open a treasure chest so you can see what you got
    • Updated credits
    • Added confirmation popup after online item has been sent to the players mailbox
    • Optimised all Design Tool Pieces by up to 70% so you can now have more pieces in your designs before hitting maximum detail
    • Stairs can now only be placed in the Meadow, fixing issues caused by placing them in the Forest Path
    • Added message about needing a shovel if the player tries to dig up an artefact without one in their backpack
    • You can now no longer unequip, destroy or drop the mine helmet when in the mine (which could cause players to become softlocked)
    • Removed Report Content button from backpack and store locations if the content is designed by the local player
    • Pressing left on Farm Shop amount selection screen now gives you the maximum amount purchasable
    • Community: Farm building now goes invisible when you walk behind it
    • Community: Made tweaks to placement rules to improve placement of small objects on top of larger ones
    • Load times and performance improved when editing a design with lots of pieces
    • Updated Inn sign text to be easier to understand
    • Updated music tracks for shop, city and morning with the latest versions
    • You can now keep donating artefacts to Leonard instead of having to start a conversation every time
    • Added button prompts to bottom of pause menu when using gamepad
    • Increased the resolution of the basic Paint Tool brushes
    • Fix for bucket fill not working in the Paint Tool when used on wall and floor designs
    • Digging a plant patch with a shovel now gives any produce on that patch first if it’s harvestable, then destroys the patch on subsequent hits
    • Deleting messages in your mailbox is only enabled if the message has no attachments
    • Added a line about using chest of drawers in Oma’s intro speech in order  to help guide players to using storage
    • Blocked opening of pause menu while in a cutscene to avoid issues where progress may be saved at an incorrect time, breaking the game
    • Community: Broken chair leg request is now unlocked after the player has completed the pickaxe quest
    • Deconstruct option on the Crafting Bench is now blocked until after initial crafting tutorial
    • Community: Added location, bait and name information for fish/bugs on tournament leaderboards
    • Community: Lowered amount of designs required before the Bomb Merit unlocks
    • Community: Lowered sprinting requirement for some Mayor Merits
    • Lights in homes are on by default the first time you enter them
    • Villagers with requests are more likely to appear when populating a location with random villagers so that players can spend less time having to hunt villagers.
    • Community: Lowered time requirement on design requests
    • Added legal text to main menu
    • Community: Boosts to fish probability when in a fishing tournament
    • Blue flower is now more blue
    • Optimised weed meshes
  • Fixed an issue with the game freezing when spamming the sorting and select buttons to upload an item that did not meet the requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory menu would remain stuck if an item is selected while the item option menu is open.
  • Fixed an issue where the backpack UI remains stuck on screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the pointer to be moved to the left side of the screen whilst having any tool equipped that has options.
  • Fixed an issue with the intro flow quest where the player can acquire quests from a new spawned NPC at the inn instead of the “move in” dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue that caused downloaded items to appear as white placeholders in the mailbox if the player blocked the creator after downloading their items.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be softlocked after a deleting a storage from “my designs” and attempting to put it into their backpack.
  • Fixed an issue causing the keyboard to reopen after entering a creator code or cancelling the action.
  • Fixed an issue with uploading paint creations that you’ve edited brings up the error “You can only upload items you’ve created”
    Fixed loading bar not having a progress animation.
  • Fix for players being able to add pieces past the complexity limit for “chair repair quest” and still save the item.
  • Fixed an issue where the player movement and building is blocked by an invisible wall near the beach bridge.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from exiting the change name menu until they had changed their name.
  • Fixed an issue that caused wall paint to disappear from the players backpack until reloading the save if the backpack is full while equipping a new wall paint.
  • Fixed an issue that caused text for the “A report has been sent” to appear behind the information board UI after reporting a player.
  • Fix for Followers not having an icon on the map
  • Fix for issue where placing of an object like the bridge is blocked because its bobbing animation goes too high 
  • Fixed texture on house windows
  • Cursor now follows scrollbar when using controller to scroll, preventing cursor going to strange places
  • Fix for hud appearing after Mayor Merit intro tutorial
  • Community: Fabrics no longer deleted from your backpack if you select them
  • Community: Fix for scarf dialogue on villagers other than the one who lost their scarf
  • Community: Fixed calculation of item sale prices that would cause them to be higher than purchase prices
  • Potential fix for issues caused by non-english languages
  • Fixes for waterfalls on Meadow level being badly positioned
  • Fix for characters who are not resident giving intro quests before they’ve moved to town
  • Fix for bug where two Customize buttons would be shown in the Design Tool for the broken chair request
  • Community: Picnic bench quest won’t progress unless player has enough backpack space. Added as a fix for potential scenario where picnic bench wouldn’t be given to the player, blocking progress
  • Community: Fix for several tournament trophies not being moveable after placement
  • Community: Fix for being able to craft non-stackable items (like artefact detector) up to the amount of free space in your backpack, regardless of resource cost
  • Community: Fix for hole in one meadow layout type
  • Community: Fix for not being able to move objects placed on top of storage items
  • Community: Fix for lamp designs being requested when player hasn’t reached point of being able to make them
  • Fix for other villagers being able to interrupt dialogue and talk to the villager you’re talking to
  • Community: Fixed being able to sell the intro donation boxes, blocking progress
  • Fixed “Insufficient Resources” always popping up when drag-dropping a piece in the Design Tool
  • Community: Tweaked Furniture info screen in Design Tool so more used Resources can be shown
  • Fix for level files not getting removed when a house is demolished
  • Fixed user content cleanup function to better remove unused user content files and free up space
  • Community: Fix for starting villagers not being correctly set up, resulting in dialogue missing and softlock when trying to talk to them.
  • Fix for issue that could cause starting villagers’ home levels not to load
  • Community: Fixed issue where multi-produce requests for Oma aka recipe requests, weren’t replacing previous requests
  • Fixed incorrect “Next Day Delivery” merit name
  • Fixed delay for fishes’ AI so they start moving as soon as they are spawned
  • Fixed bug where selecting the same save slot as a newly created save would cause new slot’s save to be corrupt and an error to be shown
  • Community: Fix for issue where quitting the game during the cutscene where you move in your first resident would result in the stairs blueprint not being given
  • Community: Fix for not being able to select villagers on lower rows when moving in a villager into a home
  • Fixed only one plant being taken when completing requests.
  • Fixed picked plants being accepted as items for plant requests
  • Community: Fixed Mayor Status achievement not getting unlocked
  • Fixed Vegetable Farmer not getting unlocked due to player already having reached the required stat prior to Achievements being added
  • Fix for being able to continue digging on areas where you shouldn’t be able to dig if you’d already dug somewhere else before
  • Players are now blocked from placing houses on the higher area of the Meadow until they can actually reach the area. Fixes bug with houses being placed there during Rosa’s move in cutscene
  • Fixed bug where the wrong trophy would be awarded for some fish in a fishing tournament
  • Fixed incorrect prices on max-amount calculation on purchase screens when cheaper items merit is unlocked
  • Fixed incorrect prices being shown in Farm Store screen with cheaper items merit
  • Fix for not being able to switch tabs to the Requests tab in the backpack if you show the merits page first
  • Fix for Painting Tool still accepting input when in Room Preview mode
  • Fix for incorrect amounts being transferred out of donation boxes placed in front of houses
  • Fix for select equipment menu being stuck on screen if you press interact quickly in succession when facing another interactable object
  • Community: Fix for dig spots and items appearing in unreachable locations on the Desert Island
  • Community: Fix for villagers going into other meshes when you talk to them
  • Fixed missing chimney on house type 4
  • Community: Fix for visual issues when using the Artefact Detector in the mines
  • Community: Fix for short hair style skin colour not matching that of the avatar
  • Fix for evict button being visible on players home when eviction isn’t unlocked yet
  • Fix for snow showing on newly dug up artefacts making it hard to see what they are
  • Fix for white placeholder icon on some infant trees
  • Fix for being able to mark dig spots with the artefact detector when you’re not next to them
  • Fix for being able to cancel the Design Tool interface while a copy of an existing design is being made
  • Fix for highlighted dig spot to remain highlighted when unequipping the artefact detector
  • Fix for multiple square markers appearing when using Place and Continue on a flower type of object
  • Fixed transparency on pineapple and strawberry pieces
  • Fixed waterfall placement on some map combinations that would have the waterfall in the ground
  • Fixed missing colons on settings’ names
  • Fixed missing footstep audio on villager walk animation
  • Added correct map for mine entrance level
  • Community: Fix for player created storage items stacking, and deleting their contents when they do so. Storage now no longer stacks.
  • Community: Fix for issue where adding more town buildings is recommended by Oma, when there’s already the total amount
  • Fix for camera not returning to follow the player after using the room preview in the painting tool
  • Fix for the thumbnail capture being offset on the portrait wall hanging painting type
  • Fixed issue where the game would freeze if you tried to resume an auto-save design without having matching resources in your backpack
  • Fix for picked flowers getting stacked onto non-picked flowers in the backpack
  • Fix for being able to crash the game by constantly adding new chair legs to the broken chair request
  • Fix for UI not scrolling in Design Tool to highlight which material you’re filtering by when selecting a piece to add using the controller
  • Community: Fix for season not being updated when the day transitions naturally. Fixes crops not being alive on returning to an area when planted after naturally progressing to a new season.
  • Community: Fixed Atlas Moth sale price being zero
  • Community: Fix for soft lock when trying to “pick” a bush after it’s been dug up and placed into the world
  • Community: Fix for game locking on dialogue with a Shy character when they give you the bench quest
  • Fixed Ash Floor thumbnail
  • Fix for softlock in the Design Tool when changing input type while menus like the Tools or Blueprint menu are visible
  • Fixed several bugs where petals would reappear on picked dug-up flowers
  • Fixed double shadow on butterflies
  • Fix for unique bugs and fish stats not being updated correctly
  • Boots no longer counted as a fish when getting the total number of fish caught
  • Community: Fix for lights not turning on or off correctly during time of day or weather changes
  • Community: Fix for typo “normnal” in lazy personality type dialogue
  • Fix for Beanie items named as Beany
  • Community: Fix for island location not loading when speaking to Hurley on some games
  • Fixed slow falling fruit on some trees
  • Fix for no input being registered when evicting then moving in a character using the gamepad
  • Fixes for incorrect sale amounts shown for custom objects when Sale Price increase Mayor Merit is unlocked
  • Fix input not working on Oma’s craft screen when changing amount on gamepad
  • Fix for incorrect amounts shown on resource lists when building an existing design with the Crafting Takes Less Resources Mayor Merit Unlocked
  • Various fixes surrounding the Deconstruct mode in the Crafting Table
  • That’s all for now, Residents! Keep an eye on our socials below to keep updated of all future news and updates!

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