The Super Shopping Update is now available for Hokko Life on Steam!

This update brings a whole new area to the game, so you’ll be able to visit the city centre by catching a train!

The city centre is made up of four main areas…

The town square – a more metropolitan area where three shops are located

The community store – where players can see and purchase the items from the community challenges

The main department store – where players can set up their own personal shop and visit the shops of other players

The seasonal store – which will open when seasonal items are in stock, for example at Halloween or Christmas

The update also adds a range of Halloween themed items, which will be available to you in the seasonal store!

On the subject of Halloween, why not create something extra spooky and enter it into our latest Creator Challenge? The deadline to upload your Halloween themed creations to the Creator Catalog in game is November 5th

Below are the full patch notes for the Super Shopping Update. If you encounter any issues with your game after this update, please let our team know using our support form.



– New City Centre area, with separate stores for Community Challenges, Player Creations and Seasonal Content.

– Moss has his own new Catalogue, where you can re-purchase items you’ve seen in the store.


– Builders hut and fashion store just take 1 day to build

– All stores refresh at an interval of two days

– Upgraded Player Store capacity to 8 slots

– Separated out Creator Challenge submissions into their own UI and slot

– Added more background level dressing to meadow locations

– Moved player online authentication to start of game

– Changed how item ownership is handled so items you create are no longer marked as “made by someone else” when you try to upload them after changing computer or similar

– Tidied up level loading code to prevent potential bugs

– Preparations for future work on online functionality


– Fix for bloom, occlusion and anti aliasing settings not being applied correctly

– Fix for storage item being shown as empty after choosing “Quit to Main Menu”

– Fix for wall and floor painting area being obscured on the bottom of the Paint Tool

– Fix for custom hats showing as white objects with missing text in backpack when equipped

– Fix for black screen freeze if you quit to main menu super quick from the pause menu

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