Hey there, Residents!

Thank you for all your patience, while we looked at community feedback, worked on performance issues, as well as some key fixes for Hokko Life! We’re so sorry about the delay — but we have a patch for Nintendo Switch ready, and live!

We’ve been working on the issues surrounding save game storage getting full and improving the messaging around them. We have also laid the ground work for the next update, which will be coming soon, where players will be able to manage their created items and control their save space usage. This functionality is still in the works, but we wanted to get this performance patch out ASAP to fix a lot of other pesky bugs!

A patch for PS4 and Xbox One is coming up soon! But for now, here are the patch notes for the Switch update.

Performance Update Patch Notes 

  • Fixed multiple issues where the user would get disconnected or disconnection errors. 
  • Fixed multiple crashing issues. 
  • Fixed occasions where the game may stutter.  
  • Fixed Softlock when a save game is clicked twice. 
  • Fixed issue where the player receives the fully grown tree instead of the infant tree after digging. the sapling out of the ground. 
  • Fixed and issue where the tree stumps and tree saplings don’t disappear after digging them up. 
  • Fixed an issue where the game will have no input if the player uses the joy-cons remotely after accessing a menu with them connected to the switch body. 
  • Fixed multiple FPS drops when players open the design tool and catalog tab. 
  • Load time and performance improvements. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Customize design button not working on Sally’s premade designs. 

We’ll share more info on the upcoming console patches for Xbox One and PS4 as soon as we can!

That’s all for now, Residents! Keep an eye on our socials below to keep updated of all future news and updates!

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