Hey Hokko pals! We have just released a hotfix for the PC version of Hokko Life! This includes various tweaks, a change to how the game handles broken saves, fixes for mistranslation, and more! 🛠️
Rest assured, we’re still working on the next update for the console versions too! But for now, here are all the changes for this update listed below.
Patch Notes:
  • Game now handles broken saves more elegantly, allowing the player to continue using the game instead of just throwing them out
  • Removed compression from saving to remove complexity and help reduce some rare save issues
  • Made tweaks to saving to hopefully help with issues caused by power cuts
  • Fix for Japanese translation of the crafting requirements on the first villager requests not being translated and appearing incorrect
  • Fix for Gift shop items not unlocking in the Archaeology tent if you complete a set with both pristine and normal artefacts
  • Fix for decoration requests not completing if you decorate an upstairs or downstairs floor
  • Fix for not being able to interact with the Llama and Pegasus balloon shop items
  • Fix for fertiliser not being unlocked despite passing that stage in the Farmer intro questline
  • Fix for task tab breaking if player deletes a created item half way through a creation request using it
  • Fix for unique fruit achievement requirement not matching design
  • Fix for bright white glowing Inn windows
  • Fix for softlock when speaking to Hurley in the inn after the first intro, and you’ve got no money
  • Potential fix for an issue that might cause the unique fruit stat to not get updated correctly from fruit trees
  • Various fixes for online reporting of users/creations

That’s all for now, Residents! As always, thank you for all of your support!

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