Meet Yara, Juno, Roderick & Paula!

Check out our new trailer…

That’s right, there are FOUR new villagers to befriend! 🤝

The four new villagers are arriving in Hokko today as part of the Narrative Update!

This new update also includes:

– A new intro to the game 🥰

– The ability to create furniture from pre-existing designs 🎨

Full patch notes below – Enjoy! 💖


  • Completely reworked introduction to the game, initial progression and narrative.
  • Ability to create furniture from pre-existing designs
  • Four additional characters: Yara, Juno, Roderick and Paula


  • Added spring joints to villagers ears to make them springy
  • Community: Player created lights can now be turned on/off
  • Saving makes a backup which it will automatically restore from if the save process doesn’t complete successfully
  • Replaced sprinting ring UI with sweat effect
  • Worked into villager heads, eyes, expressions
  • Enabled “look around” on villager eyes to add more life
  • Community: Added toggles for avatar freckles and cheek highlight
  • You can now move flowers placed indoors
  • Community: Balancing tweaks on Fishing Tournaments
  • Game now cleans up unused custom content files, reducing the size of large saves
  • Community: Added all community theme suggestions to the game for future creator challenges
  • Added thumbnails for hair styles in appearance screen
  • Community: Sleeping before 4am and choosing “next day” will sleep until 8am instead.
  • Objects loaded from saves now done in batches, speeding up loading times on heavy levels (like the Meadow)
  • Blueprints tweaks: Removed the small storage blueprint, tweaked size requirements on blueprints, small object will now always be placed on top of things, large object always placed under.
  • Blueprints now are unlocked through initial progression gameplay and so are removed from Carpenter Store


  • Fixed popping lighting in Moss’s shop
  • Villagers no longer rotate and become pushable while sitting on chairs in the Inn
  • Fixed bug where villagers would keep emoting & talking after you interrupt them during a conversation
  • Community: Improved placement of fishing chests
  • Community: Improved placement of weeds
  • Added “clean up” for weeds and chests that have ended up in a bad location
  • Community: Fixed issue causing detailed custom creations to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed camera popping
  • Community: Fix for undo queue issues on Painting Tool
  • Fixed awkward starting layout in Lazy villagers homes
  • Community: Better handling of interactables and furniture, in other words: you can now talk to people on bridges.
  • Fixed bug where a new save slot wouldn’t be created if a directory with the new save slot’s number already exists
  • Fixed bug where highlight marker would stay visible when boarding the train
  • Community: Improved placement of villagers in homes
  • Fix for floating visitors in Inn
  • Community: Workshop now goes transparent when player is behind it
  • Fix for being able to place things on stairs and bridges
  • Community: Fix for storage showing it has items when it’s empty, preventing selling and use in design tool
  • Deleting a save slot when others exist will set the new active slot to the first slot, instead of an empty “new game” slot
  • Community: Fixed an issue where fish would ignore bait
  • Fixes for items getting lost in storage
  • Fix for issue causing some savedata to not get saved properly
Head to Steam to play now! 

We’d love to hear what you think of this new update and who your favourite new villager is!

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