It’s update day! 🥳 Check out our brand-new trailer to see the Mayor Merits update in action…

When you carry out activities in Hokko, whether it’s fishing or spending time in the design tool, you’ll now unlock ‘Mayor Merits’.

These Merits come with a small perk, designed to make your like in Hokko a bit easier. Plus, you can work on some fun merits to improve the town too! These will get you some cool rewards like the donation box.

If you help villagers out with their requests, you’ll be able to ask them for help too, sending them on errands to collect resources for you – super helpful!

Aside from the new content, we’ve included a bunch of fixes in this update. Including some community-reported issues.

Check out the full patch notes below…



  • Mayor Merits!
  • Decorative rocks added to craftables
  • Additional fabrics added to craftables


  • Fix for paints and fabrics getting applied to the player when selected in the backpack
  • Community: Fix for fishing challenges not being active after new intro flow
  • Potential fix for pickaxe pickup bug where Sally wouldn’t see you’d collected the broken pickaxe on intro flow
  • Community: Fix for delivery requests ignoring the fact the player has a full backpack
  • Community: Fix for issue with the request system that could cause the game to freeze on day transition
  • Community: Fixes for issues caused by editing main intro request items like the picnic bench, table or bed before those requests are complete
  • Fixed an issue which would cause loading times to become huge on big saves with lots of storage
  • Fixed an issue which would cause loading times to become huge on big saves with lots of storage


  • Community: Insects no longer interfere with placement of objects or houses
  • Community: You can now use the player movement direction keys to select equipment in the equipment popup menu
  • Fishing Bait is now equipped to your rod through a popup menu when fishing, instead of in the backpack
  • Bait has been reworked so that it’s necessary for catching certain fish, instead of just adjusting the probability of catching them
  • Community: You can now change your name! Speak to Oma in the Inn for info!
  • There’s now an icon on letters that contain attachments
  • Priority changed so harvesting produce doesn’t happen when equipment is out.
  • Rosa is now “Out of Office” while building a house
  • Optimisation work on how meshes are rendered
  • Player creations in the Design Tool now take up less space on the hard disk.
  • Changes across save system, including inventories with the aim to make it safer and less prone to causing corrupt saves
  • Wine set renamed for ratings purposes
  • A number of actions have been moved into Mayor Merits progression, as well as some progression unlocks.[/list]

We hope you enjoy this update! We’d love to hear what you think ❤️

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