Hey there folks!

We’re so, so excited to announce Hokko Life will not only be leaving Steam Early Access, but will also arrive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 27th! 🥳💗

Check out the nifty little trailer below:

We’re so excited to share this news! Thank you for all of your support and feedback, as we continue to work towards launching out of Early Access and console release! 🥰

If you didn’t already know about Hokko Life…

A Cute, Cosy Life-Sim! 💗

Hop off the train and into your new life in the village of Hokko!

This quiet village needs your help to turn it into the charming rural town everyone loves! With hammer and paints in hand, it’s up to you to design, build and decorate homes for all of your new friends who just cannot wait to welcome you! 💖

Creative Crafting 🧵

The dusty old workshop has everything you need to let your creativity flow! 🎨

Craft materials, and combine them in whatever way you desire to create new and wonderful furniture and items for your town! Collect flowers, mix paints and use them to design wallpapers, flooring and even clothing! ✨

Head to the forest or the abandoned mine to chop mine, and dig for resources. Carry what you’ve collected back to town to craft them into materials you can use in your own designs!

Featuring a simple but powerful editor, the sky is the limit! With the workshop at your disposal, you’ll have complete freedom to design a town your villagers will absolutely love.

Build and Decorate! 🏗️

Enlist the help of the resident builder and start expanding the town!

Customize the interior and exterior of any home, including the residents! Place buildings wherever you like and get them ready for new villagers to move in – redecorating is easy too, as you can move houses wherever you like at any time, even after they’re built! 🏘️

… and More! 🥰

There’s always something to do in this busy little town – for example, you could spend a quiet morning at the various fishing spots around the world of Hokko and build your fishing collection! Fish have unique habits, so you’ll need to vary your approach, with each catch providing it’s own challenge when you reel in. 🎣

For bug connoisseurs, fluttering and scuttling about Hokko you’ll find a whole range of insects for you to catch and build your collection with! Keep an eye out, you never know what might be hiding in that bush! 🦋

We’re so excited to share this news with you! Thank you for all of your support and feedback, as we continue to work towards launching out of Early Access and onto consoles! 🥰

That’s all for now, Residents! Keep an eye on our socials below to keep updated of all future news and updates!

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