Hey there folks!

We’re so, so excited to announce that not only have we launched out of Steam Early Access, but Hokko Life is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Thank you for all your support during our Early Access journey. We really do appreciate all of your feedback, and continue to do so as we continue to work on Hokko Life.

We have also dropped the latest update! As a reminder, please find some of the highlights and the full patch notes below 👇

Desert Island Distractions

New Content! 🏖️

We’re so excited to bring you lots of new content with this update! Speak to Hurley in the Inn, and hop on his boat to a new location! Discover a tropical island brimming with new life, and secrets…

New Species and Materials! 🦋

Discover and add new species of tropical butterflies, ocean and pond fish to your collection! Not only that, we’ve added new design tool materials for you to get creative with! Bamboo, driftwood and shells 🎋

Archaeology 🏺

Master the Artefact detector, and help Leonard find hidden artefacts around the island! Be sure to pop into the mines and dig for geodes – these contain rare gems you’ll be able to use to enhance your designs! 💎✨

Meet A New Friend! 🐱

Our newest villager Ramesh, designed by community member Nisrii, is looking for a new place to live! Be sure to welcome them with open arms!

Steamdeck Support and Steam Achievements ⚙️

You asked, we delivered! Hokko Life is now supported on Steamdeck! You’re also now able to unlock Steam Achievements!

Key Bug Fixes & Changes 🐛

Thank you for all your feedback as we work towards the Early Access release date. This update will have LOTS of bug fixes, including those raised by you, the community! Find just a few of the key fixes below:

  • Fix for several backpack issues, including items getting added to a slot in the backpack outside its capacity, causing it to not appear in the UI.
  • Fixes for produce requests!
  • Several fixes for floating objects after placing them.
  • Fixes for 16:10 aspect ratio!

… and lots, lots more! We really do appreciate all your bug reports, as we continue to work on Hokko Life! Please be reminded, just because we’re launching out of Early Access, this doesn’t mean we’re done just yet – we’re working on more stuff for future updates which we’ll share as soon as we can! 💕

If you haven’t already, check out the August Devlog that mentions some of what’s to come (including teleportation shrines, and house expansions)!

We’ve included the full patch notes for this update below, so keep reading to find all the shiny, new improvements and content coming your way! 👇

Patch Notes
New Content! 👀
  • Desert Island Distractions – Speak to Hurley in the Inn and hop on his boat to the new Desert Island Location!
  • Archaeology – Use the Artefact detector and help Leonard find hidden artefacts around the island
  • New Design Tool Materials: Bamboo, Driftwood and Shells
  • New Tropical Ocean and Pond Fish
  • New Tropical Butterflies
  • Take the Artefact Detector into the mines and dig for Geodes containing rare gems you can use in your designs.
  • Designed by a community member, our newest villager Ramesh is looking for a new place to live!
  • Steamdeck Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Reporting Tool added for User Generated Content
Changes 📋
  • Removed confusing “Overwrite game data” popup when downloading a player item, you already have
  • Unified cursor speeds in the Design Tool, Painter and Placement
  • You can now use gamepad to change settings
  • The game displays the Steam text input screen when editing text in text boxes when using a gamepad
  • You can now cancel out of renaming your character
  • Backpack full message is now shown when trying to take a message attachment with a full backpack
  • Unified button used for renaming screen on design tool and painter
Fixes 🛠️
  • Fix for bug where chopping down a fruit tree wouldn’t drop the fruit.
  • Community: Fix for being able to drop new fish and them getting stuck in the world
  • Community: Fix for two-seater chair being requested when that blueprint doesn’t exist
  • Fix for missing icon on Bug Tournament stat
  • Fix for fill and erase not working on some placeable meshes
  • Fixed an issue where turning off player created lights didn’t work when Disable Distant Lights setting was enabled
  • Community: Fix for items getting added to a slot in the backpack outside its capacity, causing it to not appear in the UI.
  • Community: Fix for backpack thinking it’s full when it isn’t.
  • Community: Added a check for mayor merits to make sure gameplay unlocks are verified on loading of a save game, to help with the very rare case that a merit is unlocked, but its gameplay feature isn’t
  • Fix for fish swimming away despite being snagged when the auto-catch merit is unlocked
  • Fix for Player created clothing and patterns selling for zero cash
  • Optimisations for the Design Tool that could prevent black-screen issues if using it for very long periods of time
  • Community: Fix for locked player when interacting with storage items after placing a house
  • Fix for players not receiving the top prize in fishing tournament if they tie with another villager
  • Fix for winter recipes being requested when the ingredients won’t grow in time.
  • Fix for player sometimes not getting sent top prize in fishing tournament
  • Community: Fix for house colour on map being the same as the grass and therefore invisible
  • Fix for fish not appearing correctly based on the weather
  • Fix for bait menu not working if you don’t have Worm bait in your backpack
  • Fixed missing icon texture on custom sleep UI when using a controller
  • Fix for Boot being tiny
  • Fix for issue where sometimes, when picking up a lot of things, they wouldn’t stack properly
  • Fix for camera zoom stopping working after camera shakes
  • Community: Fix for not being able to place the portable crafting table in some areas
  • Fix for items placed on other items (eg tables) not being moved with item they’re under
  • Fix for issues that may cause placement of items to be blocked when it should be ok
  • Community: Conifer trees now no longer keep popping up in the meadow level after you’ve reached a point in the intro quests
  • Community: Fix for being able to place small items on top of immovable lampposts in the town center
  • Fix for bait amounts in the bait bag not updating correctly when dropping/destroying or selling
  • Fix for value sort not accounting for player creation values
  • Fix for backpack popup menu staying on screen when using sort buttons on gamepad
  • Fix for gamepad icons appearing as squares if changing input while using the settings screen
  • Fix for transfer stack button prompts not correctly updating when switching input while a storage item is open
  • Fix for issue where you couldn’t rename your character straight after renaming them
  • Fix for custom sleep button missing texture
  • UI fixes for 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Fixed popping of info popup on Merits panel
  • Fix for fishing bob sometimes ending up in the air when cast
  • Fix for being able to sell non-sellable items using the auto-sell box
  • Fix for mini map being shown when taking a photo
  • Fix for missing text info when opening the backpack to give a requested item
  • Fix for cursor disappearing on craftables menu when switching to map tab and back with gamepad
  • Fix for being able to place items on top of items that are already on top of something
  • Fix for small objects being able to be placed on other small objects, and then left floating when the under object is moved
  • Fix for being able to open the tools menu in the Design Tool while the quit confirm prompt was on screen
  • Fix for clothing changes to player clothing not incrementing clothing change stat
  • Fix for demolish UI staying on screen when mashing demolish and interact buttons on a house
  • Community: Second fix for duplicate items appearing in design table existing designs list

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