Console players from the frontline, thank you for your patience over the past few weeks whilst the team has been working to address the issues you’ve been incurring!

Your experience out there in the field should be much smoother moving forward. This quality of life patch includes an abundance of fixes and improvements to enhance your WW2 experience! Servers have been stabilised; we’ve made some more changes to aim assist, and there’s much more to look forward to!

Full Patch Notes

Stability Improvements
  • Fix for servers resetting player exp and rank and setting the incorrect level
  • Partial fix for “An error has occurred connecting to T17 services” error message occurring during gameplay – the underlaying cause for this is still being worked on, but this will now fail silently, no error message will show during gameplay, and there will be no impact on the game that’s in progress. You will be able to continue playing and can complete the in-progress game and will gain experience as normal, transition into the next map, and keep playing. If T17 services do disconnect silently during gameplay, the error message will still show when next returning to the main menu, and whilst not connected to T17 services you will be unable to use T17 features, such as adding T17 friends, parties or blocking players, until reconnected.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when loading in Purple Heart Lane US offensive
  • Fix for a softlock that would sometimes occur on the “Can’t deploy on that location” error message
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after dismissing the “Please update the game to the latest version” popup.
  • [PS5 only] Fix for a softlock that would occur on the deployment screen after starting a PS5 activity card with the game closed
  • [Xbox only] Fix for matchmaking not functioning after previously suspending the title during gameplay
  • Fix for various crashes that would sometimes happen at random during gameplay
Aim Assist Changes
  • Added option to disable aim assist
  • Added option to set different levels of aim assist strength in the options menu (low/medium/high)
  • Tweaked aim assist to be less strong when closer to enemies
  • Adjusted the aim assist trigger window so it now does not activate until aiming closer to enemy player
  • Adjusted aim assist speed to not slow down as much
  • Adjusted aim assist so that the further away you are from an enemy, the longer it will take for the sensitivity to slow down
Quality of life improvements
  • Improvements to readability of the map marker list
  • Increased the size of various text and HUD elements
  • Closing the pause menu now automatically toggles VOIP channels to be back on
  • Added “Voice Channels” menu to the deploy menu
  • Added option to change controller acceleration setting for the X/Y axis individually
  • Removed the “Cancel” option still being displayed after a match is found
  • Changed “Manage Unit” option for Squad Leaders to be on Circle/B instead of Left D-pad. Square/X will refocus back on Spawn Locations.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for user settings sometimes resetting back to default values after closing/relaunching the game, accepting an invite, or returning to the main menu from in-game
  • Fix for changes made in the Barracks and Change Role screen being reset after relaunching the game
  • Fix for the EXP screen not always triggering after a match and games not awarding EXP to players
  • Fix for VOIP not reconnecting after returning to the game from the system home screen
  • Fix for players in the same party sometimes matchmaking into opposite teams
  • Fix for tank turrets continuing to rotate if the tank gunner opened the pause menu whilst moving the turret
  • Fix for Leave Party pop up displaying when viewing a player’s profile
  • Fix for T17 notifications tab creating duplicate friend requests
  • Fix for “Join Friend” option in the T17 overlay not functioning for joining friends already in-game
  • Fix for debug text shown within the commander hints text
  • Fix for menu focus being lost if the join unit button was highlighted when the player list was updated
  • Fix for invites not being delivered if the T17 overlay was closed immediately after sending an invite
  • Fix for players who have left a party still showing as being in the party for some party members
  • Fix for “Player Kicked” notification triggering after voluntarily leaving a party
  • [PS5 only] Fixed haptic feedback not being present for proximity to grenade blasts
  • [PS5 only] Added the option for the party host to Kick members from the party activity card
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

We hope this patch addresses some of your concerns! If you’re new to Hell Let Loose, or looking for some further training to hone your skills on the battlefield – check out our New Player Guide, created by the community, for the community!


Hell Let Loose is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & PC.

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