Soldiers for the frontline, 🎖️

Good news, console players! We’ve received priority intel informing us that QOL2 for Hell Let Loose on consoles has deployed!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the improvements QOL1 produced, your feedback has been instrumental in helping us enhance your experience out there in the field!

In QOL2, we’ve improved map rotation; significantly reduced loading times; focused on mitigating in-game stuttering and plenty more! You can read about the details in the patch notes — listed below.

Patch Notes

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Changed map rotation on all servers to be randomised
  • Optimisation to significantly improve loading times
  • Optimisation to improve matchmaking times
  • Optimisation to reduce the amount of in-game stuttering through improved streaming speeds
  • Optimisation to improve overall visual quality of the game
  • Matchmaking optimisation to improve ping times and network stability through improved region selection and packet loss consideration
  • Added an option to toggle steady aim on/off
  • Added an option to adjust scoped weapon sensitivity
  • Added option to adjust volume of each voice channel individually
  • The “HUD Display Mode” is now set to “Always On” by default
  • Removed locked sectors from appearing on the HUD
  • Adjusted sizing of certain map icons and text on the in-game map to be more readable
  • Change so that the player will stop leaning if they start to sprint
  • Improved controller vibration under certain scenarios
  • Improved UI spacing and formatting for the deploy screen menus
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become softlock when attempting to join a unit that is full or locked
  • Fixed an issue where the player may receive a network error when attempting to initiate matchmaking whilst the loading wheel is present
  • Fixed multiple issues where XP would not update correctly to show correct level or XP data in various locations
  • Fixed an issue where players can become softlocked on the “Match Found” prompt
  • Fixed an issue where players could navigate to other units as a Unit Leader
  • Fixed an issue where menus could not be scrolled down using the right stick of the controller
  • Fixed an issue where opening the in-game map whilst driving a vehicle will stop it from accelerating
  • Fixed numerous random crashes that could occur based on crash report data
  • Fixed multiple issues where the player was being kicked on entering the map and then being removed back to the frontend
  • Fixed a Networking issue, whereupon hard disconnection the user would not be able to join a game anymore without relaunching
  • Fixed an issue where the player can become softlocked on the “Leave unit” prompt if a spawn point is added or removed from the available list whilst it’s open
  • Fixed multiple issues with the “Steady Aim Toggle” setting
  • Fixed an issue where the movement sensitivity of a player would be significantly decreased after dying as a tank gunner
  • Fixed issue where button input is registered after closing scoreboard
  • Implemented multiple UI Fixes on deployment map screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Kick UI would not disappear from the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the Melee weapon shortcut was not working on Controller Layout C & D
  • Fixed an issue where there were floating assets in Omaha
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect collision on Carentan
  • Fixed multiple UI focus issues
  • Fixed multiple VOIP icon issue

Thank you for your patience whilst we worked to deploy this patch for Hell Let Loose!

Need some assistance out there? Check out our New Player Guides for some help & tips!

See you on the frontline. o7

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