Are you ready to experience a console WW2 game like no other?

Do you have a PlayStation 5? Do you want to play an epic 50 vs 50 World War 2 game that will give you a console experience like no other? Then the PlayStation 5 Open Beta is for you and it’s live now!

PlayStation 5 Open Beta – The Important Bits & FAQ!

What platforms can I play the Open Beta on?

PlayStation 5 only.

How do I access the Open Beta?

You can download the Hell Let Loose Open Beta directly from the PlayStation Store on your console, no code required.

How long is the Open Beta live for?

The Open Beta is running from now until September 20th at 10am UTC.

Is the Open Beta free to play?

Yes! No purchase or pre-order is necessary to play.

Can I play with friends?

Yes! Once they’ve downloaded the Open Beta you can invite them into your squad from the main menu and enter battle together in a group of up to six!

Will my level progress / unlocks carry over to the full game?

No, to keep things fair come launch on October 5th all level and unlock progress will be reset when the Open Beta finishes.

Can I share my feedback and thoughts with the Developer Team? 

Yes! We’d love to hear your feedback on the Open Beta. To do so please join the Official Hell Let Loose Discord and jump into the PS5 channels!

News from the front

You can keep up to speed with all things Hell Let Loose and even message the team directly by:

Following Hell Let Loose on Twitter
Liking Hell Let Loose on Facebook

We’ll see you on the frontline when Hell Let Loose launches on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, with full cross-platform play, this October 5th!

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