Pigeons, your mission starts today…

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale soars onto your screens and launches today on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch & Steam! Headbangers challenges players to take on 29 player-controlled Pigeons across four increasingly tense rounds, testing their memory, rhythm, reflexes, reaction time, and most importantly… their ability to rap!
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In Headbangers: Rhythm Royale, players battle through four rounds, with each round increasing in difficulty. In round one, 30 players go head-to-head, with only 20 players advancing to the second round of Headbangers. For the first round, a minigame is randomly selected out of the pool of first round minigames.


One of the six first-round minigame options is ‘Guess it!’. In this minigame, your agility and musical ability are put to the test! The goal in ‘Guess it!’ is to select the instruments you hear in each musical excerpt as quickly as possible.

At the start of the minigame, you will hear one musical instrument per sequence. When the instrument wheel appears, select the instrument you just heard!

As the minigame progresses, musical sequences will get tougher! Each sequence will contain more musical instruments. At first, this jumps to two instruments per sequence. Near the end of the minigame, you’ll need to identify three instruments per sequence! Flock, we hope you know your maracas from the cello! 🤭


In the second-round of Headbangers, new skills will be assessed! In ‘Fitness’, your memory and reactions will be tested as you soar into a pigeon fitness class. Your job is to memorise, and then reproduce the fitness coach’s moves and rhythm.

At the start of ‘Fitness’, the coach will only move in one or two directions. This minigame is scored by how accurately you reproduce the coach’s movements. Your score is shown as a percentage at the end of each sequence, with the total accuracy shown in the top left corner!

Deeper into the round, the coach will move in many different directions, throwing in pauses along the way. Don’t get caught out by the coach repeating directions multiple times or by the coach’s sudden changes in movement! Only ten pigeon players can progress to the next round of Headbangers!


Five Pigeon-players head into the final round of Headbangers. However, only one pigeon can claim the victory and become the Master Headbanger! In fourth and final round minigame ‘The Final Ride’, players’ rhythm skills are tested! Your goal is to copy and play along with the rhythmic sequences to move your chariot forward.

Like many Headbangers minigames- as you get further into the minigame, the round will get harder! The tempo of each musical sequence will increase as you progress through ‘The Final Ride’. The amount of buttons you’ll need to hit per sequence will increase. Remember, the first pigeon to the finish wins the tournament!

‘The Final Ride’ is one of the five final-round minigame options. Headbangers has so much replayability, with 23 varied minigames at launch!


Round 1: Garden Party, Guess it!, Guilty!, Run Pigeon Run I, Yes Commander!, Piano Mezzo Forte

Round 2: Fitness, The Ring, First Piano Shooter, Faster Than Sound, Stereo Ga Ga, Super Striker

Round 3: Glottissimo, The Battle Box, The Perfect Shot, The Stunt Moles, The Space Race, To The Sky

Round 4: The Final Ride, After Party, That 70’s Race, Run Pigeon Run 2, Oui Votre Majesté


Glide into our customisation menu and design the Pigeon of your dreams! 👀 There are 30+ Full Skins to pick from at launch, many of which you need to earn by playing rounds of Headbangers!

Fancy a more unique Pigeon look? We see you! 💅 All items in Full Skins are available as individual pieces. Many items you unlock will also be individual pieces! This includes items available in our free shop. As you play rounds of Headbangers, you will gain our free in-game currency called Crumbs. Spend your well-earned Crumbs in our shop to unlock certain cosmetics!

The customisation is endless in Headbangers: Rhythm Royale. Get ready to mix and match items to create your Super Hyper Wonder Pigeon!


Headbangers: Rhythm Royale contains nine Pigeon Challenge Skins!

Each skin requires players to complete several in-game challenges to unlock specific skins! Track your progress in the challenge tab in the main menu of Headbangers.

Above is a quick look at the Cleopatra Pigeon skin and a few of the challenges you need to complete to unlock this majestic Pigeon! The Cleopatra Pigeon is one of the nine Challenge Skins available in Headbangers: Rhythm Royale!

Where can I leave feedback around Headbangers?

Please let us know your thoughts about Headbangers in the #feedback channel of our Headbangers Discord server or in Steam Discussions. All of your suggestions will be passed over to the team working on Headbangers: Rhythm Royale!

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Are you ready for the big Pigeon party? We hope you enjoy Headbangers: Rhythm Royale today Flock!

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