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The third hotfix is now live for Headbangers: Rhythm Royale for all platforms! Hotfix 3 reduces the lobby timer to 60 seconds and contains fixes to the lobby backfill bugs, fixes to specific challenges and more.

Before we soar into more information around the hotfix, we would like to inform the community that the team are working on an issue surrounding a network error, preventing some players from launching the game. Once we have a fix, we will update the community with this news. We hope to have a fix for this soon across all platforms and appreciate the community’s patience while we remedy this issue.

Hotfix 3 – Lobby Changes:

After listening to players’ feedback from our launch week, we have altered the lobby timer and fixed an issue surrounding lobby backfill! 🤟

At launch, our lobby timer was set to 120 seconds. Many players stated that this timer was too long, that players were leaving lobbies before the two-minute mark and that we should reduce this timer. With Hotfix 3, we have reduced this timer to 60 seconds. Now, players will spend less time in the lobby menu and more time playing our rhythm minigames! 🎧

On our October 31st launch, many community members noticed a bug around players leaving lobbies. When a player left an open lobby, a bug caused the lobby to never refill back to 30 players. In Hotfix 3, we have fixed this issue with server backfill. With Hotfix 3, if players leave during the timer screen, the lobby can still fill back to 30 players. Full lobbies for all! 🥳

⬇️ Full patch notes for Hotfix 3 can be found below:

Hotfix 3 – Patch Notes:

All Platforms

  • Reduced the lobby waiting time to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with the server backfill to ensure remaining free slots in a lobby are filled with players.
  • Fixed an issue where the challenge outfit for the Aubergine skin would not unlock if a disconnection occurs.
  • Fixed an issue around Crumb Unlocks. Future crumb level unlocks in the battle pass will be rewarded as the bug around Crumb Unlocks, which would sometimes not be awarded, is now fixed.*
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effects would be missing when using the Team17 overlay.

*At this moment, we have fixed this issue for future Crumbs Level unlocks. If you unlocked a crumbs pack before Hotfix 3 and encountered this issue, your Crumb total will not be fixed. We will continue the investigation into this issue and provide further information around this bug in the future.


  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial for First Piano Shooter shows the incorrect button to press.

We want to thank the community for your detailed feedback and your overall patience, whilst our team has investigated these issues!


If you do run into any bugs in Headbangers, please get in contact with our Support Team!


If you have any feedback or suggestions around Headbangers: Rhythm Royale, please head to our #feedback channel in our Discord server!

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