Hey Flock! 👋

The first Hotfix for Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is now live on all platforms. 🐤 We want to thank the community for all your valuable feedback over the last week. More improvements are coming soon!


All Platforms

  • Improvements to the target movement in First Piano Shooter.
  • Fixed an issue in Run Pigeon Run, where bots would complete the game with a negative score, if players disconnect during the minigame.
  • Fixed an issue in The Space Race where players may notice a brief hiccup when the vinyl restarts.
  • Fixed an issue in Garden Party and After Party where the play-head disappeared during the listen phase.

Steam Only

  • Fixed an issue where some connected USB peripheral devices could cause the title to crash.


Our team is aware of an issue producing a network error, preventing players from launching the game. We apologise for this inconvenience and can assure you this is a priority for us to remedy in a future hotfix.

Please keep your eyes on our social channels for updates on a solution.


As always, if you run any issues with Headbangers, please get in touch with our support team here!


If you have any feedback around Headbangers, please head to our #feedback channel in our Headbangers Discord.

That’s all for now, Flock. Happy Headbanging! 🐥🤟

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