We’re changing the way that you receive updates for Sheltered. We’ve now got to a stage where Steam and Xbox One updates will hit at the same time with the same content. We’re also splitting our updates into two types, ‘Hatch notes’ and bigger themed updates. The plan is to have regular Hatch Notes updates in-between the big themed updates. And each of these Hatch Notes will be accompanied with a short video, like this one:

• Added a Laboratory to craft new items and medicines
• Added an Ammunition Press to create ammo for weapons
• Added new locations
• Create artwork, including paintings and sculptures to place around the shelter.
• Added a Recycling plant to recycle/deconstruct unwanted objects into components
• Added new customisations for all characters
• Changed the way paint works so it will now cover the whole wall it’s applied to
• Added randomisation of wires and room variants to the game to create more varied looking shelters
• Toy Box and Book Shelf can now be deconstructed
• New icon for the Circuit Breaker item
• New Schematics to be found for objects and weapons

We really hope you enjoy all the new content and It’s been awesome seeing the community members and survivors of the wasteland climb up the leaderboards.

Keep your feedback coming and be sure to give the announcement a thumbs up if you liked it!

Love Sonny, Dean and Team 17

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