It’s Summer Time!

Or it is here in England. Not that you would know, it’s the same shade of grey outside as it always is! But who needs outside when we have games to play? Especially when there’s a bunch of sales on right now for even greater value gaming!

Here’s a round up of the best deals on Team17 games right now:

1. Every Worms Title: 75% Off on Steam

Incoming! As part of the Steam Summer Sale, every single Worms title on Valve’s gaming platform is 75% off right now. There’s flash sales happening daily too with up to 90% off some titles. Be sure to check out the Steam store to see the latest offers.

2. Schrödinger’s Cat And The Humble Kitty Bundle

Schrödinger’s Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark is a game about science, adventure and saving the denizens of the Particle Zoo from chaos and rampant Bosons. It also features a cat, making it perfect for the Humble Kitty Bundle!

Grab the game along with loads of other cat related stuff and even pay what you want for the bundle. You can grab a bargain and support an amazing cause in the World Land Trust and the Able Gamers Foundation.

3. Indie Label Games for Less!

The Escapists, LA Cops, Overruled! Light and Schrödinger’s Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark are all in the Steam Summer Sale too. The discounts vary, so go check out this epic list of Team17 and Indie Label titles available in the sale before it finishes!

So – grab yourself a great deal and prepare for a weekend of amazing gaming. We’ll see you online!


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