Unthinkable Horrors Await in The Alliance DLC for Steam!

Greetings, Wanderers! Today, we’ve released Gord The Alliance for Steam. The Alliance DLC brings a wealth of of new content to Gord’s unforgiving primordial world. The Alliance begins immediately after the end of Gord main campaign, unravelling the story of a powerful artifact whose power allows to control the Beasts and Monsters located in the mysterious land. Watch the trailer below:

The Alliance DLC – Key Features:
5 New Campaign Mission Scenarios

Confront the relentless Calanthian attacks, forge alliances with untamed creatures, and engage in diplomatic parleys with formidable Horrors. All roads lead to a legendary showdown against the King’s General, laying claim to your lands. Meet unexpected allies beyond the mountain pass and play a brand-new campaign of strategic conquest.

New Mechanic: Taming Beasts & Monsters

Ready to enhance your tribe by taming Beasts & Monsters? On our social channels last week, we shared further details about the Taming Process for Gord, including introducing players to a new structure: The Taming House. Here are the steps to beginning this process in The Alliance DLC:

  • 🔨 Build a Taming House
  • 🐺 Defeat a Monster
  • 💪 Carry Monster to the Taming House
  • 🖤 Begin the taming process
Once tamed, this creature becomes a Familiar and acts as a guardian to the player’s unit. Level up this tamed monster by engaging this new Familiar in combat.
3 New Horrors
The Alliance brings three new Horrors to encounter:
  • Walok: Gatekeeper to the Promised Land. Bargain with Walok, and the gods may send fortune, granting your passage through the treacherous mountains.
  • Vodenyak: Lives in one of the new biomes- the Desert Barrens. Vodenyak has four tentacles, devouring all water and life energy from the land.
  • Saragash: Introduced as Larva, Saragash is integral to The Alliance DLC. Gain Saragash’s trust in to prevail against the Calanthians. Cross him however, and face the consequences!

3 New NPCs & 3 New Human Enemies

Meet new protagonists in The Alliance DLC including The Beastmaster, who holds the knowledge of taming creatures and Bobak, an owl monster tamed by The Beastmaster. Bobak is twice the size of an ordinary owl, with natural feathers decorated with drawings.

The Alliance DLC also brings a new nemesis in the Calanthians, led by General Kaleen- a ruthless executor of the king’s orders.

The Alliance also brings three new Monsters, two new Biomes, new Custom Scenario possibilities, ten hours of new gameplay and a multi-staged final battle.

Learn more about Gord The Alliance on the DLC’s store page here!

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