The clouds have darkened, and an ominous wind is blowing… something’s not quite right. Take care, Golfers – who knows what evil lurks in the darkest depths of the Forest?

Something truly wicked this way comes… 🥀

😱 9 increasingly punishing holes

Get ready to delve into the dark side of the woods in our most punishing course to date — That is, if you’re brave enough 👀

Rumour has it, that if you complete this devilishly difficult course under par, you’ll be rewarded with something special…

☄️ A mysterious meteor?

This mysterious meteor has seeped corruption into the land, warping our beloved Forest into the most fiendishly challenging course ever!

Battle through the dark and warped course, either solo or with the help of some friends, and overcome the ultimate threat to the ‘With Your Friends’ universe!

🍄 Brand-new Hat Pack!

The Horrifying Headgear pack is our FIRST EVER fully animated Hat Pack, that is sure to stir some serious envy!

The Golf With Your Friends Corrupted Forest Course & Horrifying Headgear Pack is coming soon to PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch! 🎮
Keep an eye on our socials for further updates!

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