Grab your shades, get your crash helmet on! 🏁

Are you ready for the wildest multiplayer golfing experience yet? 💥

Bounce and zoom around an all-new Bouncy Castle themed course for Golf With Your Friends OUT NOW alongside two new cosmetic packs on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam!

Outsmart your friends in online multiplayer with up to 11 other players (only one of you needs to own the course to play it!), or tackle it solo to master those trickshots 👀✨

Take a peek at the fresh set of 18 new holes:

A new, challenging 18 hole Bouncy Castle themed course, including new cosmetics! 🏰

Master and dodge the colourful hazards of the new Bouncy Castle Course to come out on top! Plus, style it out on the golf course, with all-new cosmetics included in the Bouncy Castle Course!

  • Tied Balloon Floatie
  • Inflatable Sticker
  • Hard Candy Sticker
  • Balloons Trail

Turbocharge your golfing style 🏎️💨

We have also dropped not one, but TWO new cosmetics packs! Make your mark with The Summer Party Cosmetics Pack, and The Racing Cosmetics Pack!

You will be spoilt for choice with 24 new customisation items across both DLCs, including all-new ball stickers! These will coat your ball in some truly snazzy patterns!

Reign as master of the castle!

One friend to rule them all! If you own the Bouncy Castle course, then you can play the course together with all your friends (even if they don’t own the course)! 👫

If you are the type to get creative, we’ve got you – this new course adds over 150 new Level Editor pieces for you to create your own dream bouncy castle course! You will need to own the Bouncy Castle DLC to make courses with the new assets, but anyone can download and play on a course that uses them (even if they don’t own the DLC!).

How much will it cost on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam?

Bouncy Castle Course 


Summer Party Pack 


Racing Pack 


Bug Fixes! 

Alongside this update, we have also brought a range of fixes for the base game, including one for a cosmetics drop issue and changes to the level editor (such as better camera controls and an undo/redo feature!).

Please note, these are fixes for the base game, and you do not need to purchase the new DLCs for the fixes implemented in this patch.

That’s all for now, Golfers!

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