The ‘Working From Home’ update is now available to download to for free on Steam and Epic!

Going Under has just dropped the new ‘Working From Home’ free update. This update features all new content with added abilities, costumes, locations, modes, and more!

New Features!
  • New Locations and outfits: Tired of cubicles? Head over to Jackie’s room to kick back and relax. Feel free to even switch things up by changing into one of 11 new outfits, all work appropriate of course!

  • Overtime Mode: The new Overtime mode takes the existing dungeons and adds a little bit of a flair; with seven new levels of difficulty, including spawning enemies in unexpected places and doubling damage received, work-life balance will be a thing of the past.

  • Imposter Mode: There is an Imposter on the loose! Players will take on all three of the core dungeons (in any random order) and once completed, your efforts will be rewarded with a flashy, shiny brand-new boss The Imposter which you must take down!

  • Surplus Supplies: The office supply cupboards are fully stocked up and spilling out with new gadgets including 25 new abilities, 9 new curses, 34 new in-game items, and a shiny new app.

  • Rolodex: Throughout dungeons, blank business cards will appear randomly. By killing an enemy with one you will then trap its soul for all eternity. It makes for a rather nice keepsake.

Play now on Steam and Epic!

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