Hello Captains,

Update 2.0 is now live for Genesis Alpha One on PC, PS4 and Xbox One! This patch fixes some bugs as well as adding some new gameplay elements based on player feedback.

See the full patch notes below:

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Harvester doesn’t get unloaded by carrier robots
  • Made a change so that Spores now hide in crates
  • Carrier Robots show damage numbers and health status if damaged
  • Carrier Robots will recover health if on a robot station
  • All robots are visible on the building menu map
  • The limit of maximum robots has been increased from 5 to 8
  • Current robot amount is visible on ship status screen
  • Inventory colour coding changed. If an action (command/weapon selection) is impossible it will be grey, if possible white and if selected orange
  • Placed, carried turrets and energy barriers will be upgraded if the corresponding defence scheme gets upgraded

New Feature – Game Difficulty and Custom Game Mode

Game difficulty can be changed at any time via the in-game menu.


  • Reduced Alien damage
  • Increased Player damage
  • Increased Crew defence damage
  • Improved defences
    • Sentry Gun damage, Energy Barrier health
  • Player receives more health from collecting biomass
  • Time until module takes damage from power down increased
  • Destruction of damaged modules (energy nodes) takes longer until they collapse (gas leak and critical condition)
  • Recovery of damaged modules is faster when rebooting energy nodes

Normal (Default)

  • Time until module takes damage from power down increased
  • Destruction of damaged modules (energy nodes) takes longer until they collapse (gas leak and critical condition)


  • Spawn rate (eggs) increased from 10 to 15
  • Increased chance of aliens to be spawn eggs
  • Chance to spawn aliens in tractor beam and harvester return increased
  • Chance to spawn aliens from crates increased
  • Spawn delay on planet expeditions reduced
  • Crew recovery reduced
  • Player does not receive any health from collecting biomass

Custom Game

In the Start New Mission menu there is now the option to customise your mission and includes the following options:

  • Galaxy Seed to allow players to explore the same universe as their fellow Captains
  • Sun Density
  • Cluster Hazard Density
  • Metal Resource Amount
  • Weapon Resource Amount
  • Engine Resource Amount
  • Plant Resource Amount
  • Rogue Commander Amount
  • Trader Amount
  • Required Genesis tier level
  • Distributed non-artefact schemes
  • Player regains resources from destructing modules
  • Max Reactor Amount

Guard Bots (Warbot & Maintenance Bot)

The Guard Bots are a brand-new feature to Genesis Alpha One and can be produced in the workshop, after you’ve found the schematics. Guard Bots can be given instructions via the command menu in the same way as the crew can be interacted with by talking to them. If not, deactivated Guard Bots will remain at a distance of 30 meters of their last ordered position.

They will recover health when not under attack and can be taken on planet expeditions. Talking to the guard bots will allow the following commands:

  • Rename the guard bot
  • Guard bot hints (talk)
  • Info stats

Guard Bot Commands

  • Guard: Follows the player
  • Stay / Defence: Bots will stay at this position and only seek targets in close proximity and will also save the position as one of 3 waypoints.
  • Patrol: Bots will move on the path connected by the saved waypoints. On attacks, stays within distance to its last patrol position.
  • Deactivated:Will return to the nearest, free robot station and will remain there until receiving a new command.

Guard Bot 1: Heavy Warbot

The Heavy Warbots will kill on enemies on sight, but only if they are moving! If the enemy remains still, then your bots will not be able to target the alien threat. The Warbots will not target spores and eggs. Be careful though, as the aliens will target and attack the Warbots!

  • Slow
  • Heavy Armour
  • Unable to enter the maintenance areas

Guard Bot 2: Maintenance Bot

The Maintenance Bots will be able to reboot energy nodes which are attacked by the alien threat, and what’s even better about these little helpers, is that they are ignored by aliens!

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