We’re happy to announce that the Genesis Alpha One Steam Community Hub is available now. Join the discussion, ask us questions and prepare to fight aliens, clone your crew, explore the galaxy and save humanity in 2018!

What’s Genesis Alpha One you ask? Genesis Alpha One is a lot of things, but more than anything, it’s a first person rogue-like space exploration shooter. You must survive for as long as you can, as you try to find a new home for humanity. Sounds simple, right? (Spoiler alert: It’s not that simple.)

You control every aspect of your adventure. You build and customise the U.S.S Genesis space station yourself, clone your own crew – and subsequent lives – research and build every module, weapon and technology yourself, and you’ll even have to collect the alien DNA used when cloning. And cloning is key, as when you die, another clone is promoted to captain, and you continue playing as them. This means, however, that when you run out of clones… you run out of lives.

You’ll have to protect the U.S.S Genesis from alien infestations, create proper living conditions for your crew, explore the galaxy, discover new worlds, gather resources, and most importantly, stay alive.

There are a ton of aspect of Genesis Alpha One that we can’t share with you just yet, but we’ll have a lot more news in the coming weeks and months. Join the discussion and ask questions on the Steam Community Hub right here, talk to us on Twitter or Facebook, or chat to us live on Discord. We can’t wait to explore space – and save humanity – with all of you!

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