Space explorers!

The Ship Assault update for Genesis Alpha One is live & boarding now on Steam, Epic, GOG, PS4 and Xbox One! This update comprises a collection of new features to keep you busy on your voyages to becoming interstellar pioneers.

Watch the trailer:

This update introduces Shipboarding, allowing you to explore & loot enemy ships! Other features include:

Judgement – Punish pirate captains

Crew promotion – Gain new abilities & weapons

Space Travel – Discover Wormhole sites

…….and plenty more!

Full patch notes are as follows:


Crew Experience

Crew will receive experience by killing aliens and by completing productions while assigned to a module or gathering resources on planets.

Crew will gain a higher level if enough experience is gained. With each higher level the crew member will receive certain extra skills.

  • Crew will receive 2 XP from shooting at aliens, 3 XP by performing a resource harvest loop on a planet and 5 XP when completing a progress in a module.
  • Crew will receive 5 XP when returning from a crew only harvester mission. Crew will receive 20 XP from recovering a disease.
  • The current crew experience is visible when talking to the crew by the status of the rank stars. Full stars(rank) is visible at the crews name patch as well.
  • Written crew rank is added to crew info. Promoted player is always captain.
  • Visual effect similar to healing when crew promotes to new rank.
  • Intercom Message when crew member has been promoted
  • Crew receives full health on level up
  • Gained XP is visible as number over crew head if the gain exceeds 20,40,60,etc.
  • Info if weapon is useable by crew is visible on unlocked weapons and in new game artefact selection.
  • Crew rank star is visible at crew selection terminal, crew info and on crew name patch.

Add crew hint about the ranks *WIP text

Extra Crew Skills

Level 1 –
  • extra armor – increases damage reducing armor of the crew +0,3

faster resource gathering – the crew member will gather planet resources faster

Level 2 –
  • extra armor – increases damage reducing armor of the crew +0,6

weapon specialist – player can select different weapons for the crew member

Level 3 –

  • extra armor – increases damage reducing armor of the crew +1,2
  • egg destroyer – crew will destroy spotted eggs and harmful lichens if they are grown more than 50%

Crew Weapon Selection

Given that the crew member has the “weapon specialist” skill, the player can choose the weapon of the crew member.

The crew can be equipped with some but not all of the player’s unlocked weapons. The first selectable weapon is the default crew weapon of that corporation.

Other possible crew weapons are:

  • Shotgun (Spas12)
  • Rifle Sa1
  • Minigun
  • Machine Gun
  • Mini Flak
  • Heavy Pistol (Desert Eagle)
Planet Variety

(CL 7736) Wormhole SitesOn some planets the player can find an alien pyramid.

The player can activate a wormhole device in the pyramid which opens a wormhole in the galaxy cluster. By activating more pyramids, the player can jump between different wormholes across the galaxy.

  • In a cluster with a wormhole a particle is visible in front of the bridge.
  • The Hyperjump Button on the Galaxy Terminal will show “Wormhole Travel” instead of “Hyperjump” in case a wormhole travel is possible.
  • Pyramids can be found on planets. By entering the pyramid a wormhole in the cluster gets unlocked.
  • The first unlocked wormhole will add a wormhole crew hint to the bridge crew.

Bug fixes

  • Mouse sensitivity lower than 40 is not saved
  • Used color scheme is not saved
  • Slime decals in some modules (canteen) without eggs

Ship Boarding

Ship Assault Module

Enemy Ships
  • All Rogueships
  • All Shipwrecks
  • A variation of prebuilt ships with slightly modified modules.
  • Modules on enemy ships will stay in their predefined destruction level. Repairing or destroying energy nodes is not possible. Most modules have an alternative lighting (alarm lights) on enemy ships if in power off or worse condition.
  • Enemy ships have a unique atmosphere sound with random creaking and alarm messages.
  • Intercom messages on player actions (player is stealing resources, attacking captain, etc.)
Enemy Behaviour on Enemy Ship
  • Rogue ships and wrecks can have turrets which will fire (only) at the player. They have a blinking red alarm light and an idle beep sound. Depending on the Rogue danger level, the turret has 5, 10 or 15 damage per shot.
  • If within 8000 units distance, up to 3 Rogues will move to resource modules if they are getting robbed by the player. And will support the captain if the captain gets attacked. They will perform an intercom message.
  • All enemies have a chance of 1/12 to drop ammo of the players current equipped weapons.
Additional Rogue Enemies on Enemy Ships
  • Rogue Commanders – they are equipped with an energy barrier which they can deploy if confronted by the player. Up to two rogue troopers may seek shelter behind an enemy energy barrier.
  • Mechanic Rogue Captain – Can spawn up to 4 hologram fake captains. By spawning the holograms the captain will instantly change position (teleport) with one of the holograms to confuse the player.
  • Framen Rogue Captain – Has a shield which blocks all damage for 10 seconds. Is also equipped with a shotgun with shoots 2 explosive bullets.
  • Each Rogueship has one Captain which drops a suit upgrade and ammunition if killed.
Player Features on Enemy Ship
  • Player can return from enemy ships by holding a PDA button
  • Player can capture resources by entering the corresponding module (storage, biomass tank)
  • Player can free crew slaves on enemy Alien Research labs, giving that he has a spare rescue chamber on his ship. The cell door shield needs to be destroyed to get access to the crew member.
  • Player cannot use Terminals on enemy ships (besides Turbolift, Beaming station and Security Gate)
  • Can use the Building Menu as map, but can not build or destroy modules. The map only shows modules the player already entered and which are connected to the already entered module.
  • Can use Weapon racks and can retrieve weapons, ammunition, turrets and energy barriers
  • The PDA shows the scanned resources, sites and turrets of a rogue ship the player is currently infiltrating. Also, the players ship rescue tanks, storage and biomass capacity is visible.
Other Changes
Asus Aura
  • Added Asus Aura support. At the moment it is turned off by default.
  • Added an option to the gameplay menu to enable/disable aura ingame.
  • It is also possible to enable/disable aura in a config file:

to the Game.ini. Which is located at localappdataGenesisSavedConfigWindowsNoEditorGame.ini for shipping builds. For developmentbuilds game.ini is found in the directory where genesis is installed.

Asus coloring

  • On the players ship the lighting is static in the color of the current ships module.
  • In case of a module shutdown on the players ship, the lighting is off. A module that is on fire and about to explode will cause a red pulsing light.
  • If the player shoots, a light will flash in the color of the weapon’s projectile.
  • If aliens are within distance (the alien motion tracker is visible) the lighting will pulsing red.
  • Planets will cause a static lighting in the planets atmosphere color.
  • While boarding enemy ships the static lighting will be red.

Additional Changes

  • Option to turn off motion blur 🙂
  • FOV adjustable 😀
  • Added robot station module.
  • The crew members are immune to researched diseases now.
  • Disconnected turbolifts now display as not connected on the turbolift controls.
  • Player damage resistance is now displayed in the Huds healthbar if player is tier 3. Impact will temporarily change damage resistance icon and healthbar color.
  • If the player researched a higher clone tier, all crew members and the player with the same species will upgrade to the new tier.
  • If a cluster with a rogue is selected in the galaxy map, an info about the rogue will be displayed similar to the merchant info. The Info contains the rank (depending on the tier) and the name of the rogue captain. There is also an info about the attack strategy of the rogue.
  • Crew has new comment/grunt sounds.
  • Crew behavior in alarm state has been improved and animations have been improved.
  • Crew will now have a higher armor based on their tier if assigned to the hangar (also on planet expedition) or respawn chamber.
  • Only suit upgrades not distributed to rogue captains are placed on planet sites (depending on the number of captains).
  • Reduced health of Arachnoid III, Kraul III and Leviathan III
  • Increased the amount of selectable artefacts at new game. Tier I always has 4, Tier II has 6 and Tier III has 8. Framen, Mechanics and Rocket Star have 8.
  • Changed Wormholes to be always displayed on the galaxy map but colors change if wormhole is activated.

If you run into any issues or bugs during your time in this new update, please let us know by filling out the following support form:

Or, alternatively – you can provide feedback, here, on the Genesis Alpha One Steam forums.

Enjoy, and be careful out there 😉

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