Captains of the Genesis Project,

Mission Control has been hard at work since Genesis Alpha One launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and are pleased to confirm a new patch has now deployed and is available to all Genesis Motherships.

To apply the patch to your game simply connect to the internet and follow your consoles standard update installation process.

Check out the full patch notes below:


  • Improved the lightning.
  • Reworked and improved the graphics in many areas.


FPS Weapon handling

  • Improved the models for Power Shotgun, Acid Rifle, Mini Flak, Sample Collector, PDA, Rifle Sa1, Minigun, Laser Pistol, Energy Barrier.
  • New Weapons (Pistol and Outlaw Shotgun).
  • Light Assault Rifle damage increased to 12.
  • Adjusted the Weapon fov to improve how weapons look.
  • Added a little camera shake to some weapons.
  • Updated the model for New Player hands.
  • Updated the Sounds/Particles to the Laser Blaster, Energy Rifle, Laser Pistol and X-RayCaster.
  • Iron Thrower grenades no longer have the ability to damage energy nodes and players through walls.
  • We have improved the flashlight so you can see better.

Interactive Objects

  • We’ve made sure that all interactive objects have highlighted, and that it disappears if the player is too close or too far.
  • Weapon racks, Terminals meshes and Merchant desk have been reworked.

Alien Abilities polish

  • Visual effects and sounds on all Alien Abilities have been improved. Awareness times and effect has been changed.

Player Inventory

  • Only a limited amount of Suit upgrades can be added to the player.
  • Suit upgrades can be selected in the PDA.
  • All collected suit upgrades visible in the PDA.
  • Alien abilities can be selected in the PDA.
  • Player Character visible in the PDA.

Enemy AI

  • Improved the animations of the crew and humanoid aliens when hit.
  • Dead Crew and Aliens will now turn black and slowly dissolve over time.
  • We’ve improved the alien blood decals and blood impacts.
  • Aliens which drop Alien Ability Samples will now drop random 1-3 samples instead of 1.
  • Added two more Lichens:  Guston and Portare.

Rogue Commander

  • Each Rogue Commander has a strategy which is randomly defined when the galaxy gets created. This will determine how the Rogue Troopers which beam on board the player’s ship will perform. It is possible that they steal resources from storages or the biotank, or only attack crew and energy nodes or randomly all of that.
  • Rogues stop looting when they looted goods worth 10 iron.
  • Player will be able to intercept Rogue Trooper chatter which is displayed in the players Hud to hint the player about the Rogue Trooper targets.
  • Rogue Troopers may now crouch when moving towards the player if attacking.
  • Humanoid Enemies can now take cover. They take may now take cover if they have nothing to do. Defined by the coverpoint they either stand or crouch.

Crew AI

  • Improved the Crew AI pathfinding.
  • We’ve removed the option to give crew commands on the ship. Instead, the crew will be aggressive by default and will retreat if they have less than 50 health. On planets instead of direct commands, the player can sound an alarm on the harvester to either make the crew harvest or retreat.
  • Guard Bots show their current command/action in the health bar.
  • Added a new Bot to the Guard Bots which attacks aliens and can enter the maintenance tunnels but does less damage and has less armour than the warbot, but is significantly faster.


Alien Research

  • You can now build an Alien Research module.
  • You can now capture and research Aliens.
  • Alien Ability Research moved from the clone lab to the Alien Research module.

Module Upgrade Kit

  • Some modules can now be upgraded using Module Upgrade Kits.
  • The possible module upgrades are now visible when hovering over them in the building menu. Activated Upgrades will appear brighter.
  • All modules have been reworked and got their module upgrades.
  • Added a Module upgrade kit site on planets. These only need to be collected not scanned.


  • Plants now decay if not enough gardeners are assigned and they go back to the lowest grow level. With no gardener the lowest grow level is 1, with 1 gardener 2, and so on.
  • The Planter ring now indicates if plants are healthy (have enough gardeners assigned) or not, by glowing green or blinking red.
  • Added a line pointing from the statistics part of the greenhouse terminal to the plants.
  • Plants can now spread to other empty planters if gardeners are assigned, in time.
  • Plants now do not decay on the easy difficulty.
  • Decaying plants now show a different material and particle.
  • Added a Crew hint about decaying if decaying is active.
  • Added a hint about plant seeds.


  • The Slime no longer grows out of view and you can watch it grow in realtime.
  • Slime nests now fit in with the environment better.
  • The dirt decals at alien eggs now vanish if the eggs are destroyed.

Ship Other

  • Refinery process effects have been improved.
  • Corridor maintenance Area Glitch fixed where player could look outside the ship in long corridors. Now the view fades black instead.
  • The following modules have been polished/reworked (Workshop I,II,III, Refinery small & big, Storage, Hangar, Stahlunion Bridge, Lounge, Stahlunion Corridors, Greenhouses, Bio tank big and small, shield).
  • You can now assign crew to the reactor increasing the energy of the reactor by 4. Also added crew hint.
  • You can now assign crew to the shield increasing the shield recovery rate slightly. Also added crew hint.

Planet Expeditions

  • Added a Suit upgrade artefact that will show Sites and Harvester on the Alien Tracker.


  • New Player HUD instead of the 3D arm device.
  • The Ship Status Terminal UI was reorganised to help present the data more clearly.
  • The refinery terminal UI was reorganised to make which resource is refined in which material more clear.
  • Players can now choose Hud Color in Gameplay options.
  • A new font is now used for the player HUD and button hints.

Resource Naming

  • Raw Materials have been renamed removing the “ore”.
  • Refined Materials have been renamed to have more descriptive names.
  • In the Resource Location category, the refined materials are now listed. Planet resources show the refined material behind the actual raw material.

Ship Statistic polished

  • The UI of the build menu has been cleaned up.
  • The module limits are now presented as rectangles. Empty rectangles show the amount you can still build and filled rectangles show the amount you already have build. Instead of showing boring numbers.
  • Crew working at reactor or shield will colour the rectangles white.
  • Available resources and modules are coloured bright.

Other Fixes/Polish

  • Inferno Alien has been polished.
  • Added a new resource called Radiation Blue, this can only be found on debris and planets and is needed for all types of research (clone, alien abilities, weapons, diseases, aliens).
  • Improved performance in the way aliens is rendered in the shipbuilding mode.
  • Reworked IDA Hologram – Optimized that IDA to only spawn once and not every time player enters a different module. Also, Call Ida button now is greyed out if IDA is already active.
  • Deposit crates will be moved upon destruction by the player – Giving enough space left in other deposits, the crates will be instantly moved when the player destroys a deposit module. The warning only appears if there is not enough space left in other deposits for moving all deposit crates.
  • Current deposit space visible on Building Menu – When hovering over a build deposit module, the current used deposit space is visible to the player.
  • Categories can be closed – Selecting a category in the building menu on terminals or the PDA again will close the opened category.
  • Skybox texture has been improved.
  • Module limits info in Building Menu – If a module has a limit of how many can be built at a time, it is visible in the shipbuilding menu.
  • IDA Module Info Messages don’t play again – Ida messages get saved and do not play again when continuing a game.
  • Updated Unreal engine to 4.23.

That wraps up today’s patch notes! Mission Control would like to wish all Captain’s the best of luck in their search for a new home for humanity.

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