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WARCANA is a fantasy inspired, base defence, RTS game with a deck-building mechanic. Face hundreds of thousands of unrelenting monsters all at once in a battle royale between 30 other mighty magicians. Build your deck. Prepare your ​defences​. Summon your armies. Survive the onslaught. Can you be the last one standing?


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Fusion of Base Defence & Deck Building

Your base is your deck… and your deck is your base. Construct wisely to unlock and build your deck with powerful cards to help you turn the tide of battle. Mighty towers, ferocious monsters and destructive spells are at your command — if you play your cards right.

Round-based Battle Royale

30 players compete to be the last one standing in a fantasy dimension of pure magic. Each round begins with a calm phase of planning, strategizing and building, followed by an action-packed battle to break through defences and destroy an ​opponent’s​ base. culminating in a ​climactic​ finish, a sudden wave of pure magic will wash over the battlefield, annihilating all units and reviving fallen buildings. As long as your base survives, your other buildings are returned to their former glory and you go again in the next round.

Epic Battles of Massive Proportions

Summon hundreds of thousands of units to your army as a maelstrom of monsters simultaneously causes extensive destruction to your own defences. Walls will crumble and towers will fall during the onslaught. Keep the horde at bay as you attempt to break through to your ​opponent’s​ base.

Five Unique Factions

Will you survive against the mystical forces of ‘Life‘? Will you spread demonic dread as a champion of the ‘Occult‘? Choose between – and ​battle​ against – five ​fantastical​ factions, each with their own distinctive buildings, units and spells.

Single-Player Campaign & Custom Modes

Play at your own pace offline with hours of single-player scenarios and handcrafted challenges to tackle, or create and share your own via the in-game editor. Confront Horde Mode and compete against others to be the first to defeat one million units or participate in a unique social experience with your favorite streamer and communities in the Stream Sniper game mode… Whatever your preference, prepare for mayhem and guaranteed destruction!

⚔️ Key Features

  • Beautiful Pixel Art
  • Unique Genre Mix
  • Epic Battles With Up To 30 Players
  • Single-Player Campaign
  • Five Unique Playable Factions
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Units On-Screen
  • Custom & Steam Sniper Mode


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Published: 18th August 2023

Team17 to publish battle royale deckbuilder WARCANA