Hey Community,

Forts Mode has arrived!

This free update brings with it a new, fan favourite game mode that pits you, your Fort (and your allies) against a rival Fort in a tactical game of attack, defence and sweet grenade throws.

Choose one of 6 unique animated Forts, customise it with your preferred tactical upgrade consisting of either:

– Static Gun
– Sentry Gun
– Magnet
– Health Crate
– Craft Crate

Then finally give your Fort that personal touch with a flag that’s decorated with your Steam/Console profile picture. (This is automatically applied to the Fort)

You’re now ready to take to battlefield and fight to be the Forts Mode Master!

Oh and Forts Mode will now pop up in Ranked Mode, so prepare to add a few new chapters to your big book of Wormy tactics.

6 Brand New Forts

– Castle Hassle
– Donkey Dig
– Reactor
– Haunted
– Pink Peril
– Rocket

New customisation rewards – Unlock 3 new hats and 3 new Gravestones for your Worms by being victorious in Forts Mode!

Brand new crafted weapon – The ‘Magnetised Drone’ designed by Survii Gecko.

This brand new, community designed crafting upgrade gives the Mischievous Drone a new, offensive/defensive twist. You can choose to deploy this weapon with either a repel or attract magnet mode, thus allowing you to move mines around the map and either carry or push them into enemy Worms. You can also ‘land’ the Drone and it’ll become a stationary magnet in the location it comes to rest.

The Forts Mode content is now available as a free Worms W.M.D game update for PC, Mac and Linux and will also be heading to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon.

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