Jingle Cells is available now as a free content update on PC, Xbox One and PS4! Join Buddy, our escapee elf from last year’s Christmas DLC, who loses control of his sleigh on his flight away from Santa’s sweatshop, crash landing in the grounds of Jingle Cells Prison. You have to explore this brand new wintery prison, collect new unique items and craft parts to repair your sleigh and make a daring getaway!

The new content is part of a patch which introduces the new map and leaderboards, and will download as an automatic update for the main game. Also on PC, there are some bug fixes included in the patch:

  • Fixed an issue where the Map Editor would not work in Russian and Polish languages.
  • Localised some error messaging into all supported languages

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Good luck budding escapees, hopefully you can get out in time for the holidays!

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