Last week we released the Prison Editor for The Escapists 2, and players have already published more than 3,000 custom made prisons. Today we’re excited to announce that you can now fire up The Escapists 2 to download our FREE Christmas prison, Santa’s Shakedown, available today as a free update on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One!

With the Wicked Ward DLC we introduced a weather system in the form of thunder, lighting and rain. In Santa’s Shakedown we’re adding snowfall, which combined with the Christmas prison itself is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit!

About Santa’s Shakedown
Celebrate the festive season with this snowy free new prison that has it all: state of the art equipment, high tech security measures … and an overtly theatrical warden who has repurposed the sports hall as a theatre and is more concerned with putting on an extravagant pantomime than the wellbeing of his inmates. Look past the tacky decorations and an opportunity to escape may just present itself!

Alongside the Christmas prison we’ve updated the game and fixed a number of issues. See below for the full patch notes.

Steam version 1.1.3 patch notes
– Fixed a glitch causing graphic and audio issues when quitting the game as a local player with the map open.
– Fixed a glitch causing a soft lock when adding a local player to the game with the map open
– Fixed an issue causing players icons on the mini map to be visible in versus, even if they are hidden in a locker
– Fixed an issue causing the player’s character to change to a default customisation when loading an existing save with a custom character after a save upgrade
– Fixed an issue preventing the player’s character from starting with lower stats when the prison difficulty was set to Hard
– Fixed an issue causing the animations to become stuck when interacting with the map while they’re being triggered
– Fixed an issue whereby the items obtained through the Delivery Driver quest weren’t always food-related
– Fixed a graphic issue with the smoke on the Cougar Creek Railroad level
– Fixed an issue causing the UI to display the same button icon for different actions
– Now the escape time in coop is the same for the entire team
– Fixed an issue causing the countdown to stop when 2 players are tabbed out
– Fixed an issue in the Editor causing the Fitness Gym Equipment UI to layer underneath walls
– Fixed an issue in the Editor to limit the amount of guard towers available for one level
– Fixed an issue in the Editor preventing a prison to work if all the rooms were placed in the bottom right corner
– Fixed an issue in the Editor causing the Guard Cells button to remain greyed out even after removing some of them
– Fixed an issue in the Editor causing the players’ character to become invisible when studying in Social Rooms A and B
– Fixed an issue in the Editor causing the map to display some corridors incorrectly
– Various performance Improvements
– Other various bug fixes

We hope you enjoy the new content, and look forward to bringing you even more The Escapists 2 in 2018!

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