Today we are happy to announce that The Escapists 2 will launch 17 hours earlier on Steam than originally scheduled! That means the new Steam release schedule is as follows:

16:00 PDT August 21st – US West Coast
18:00 CDT August 21st – US Central
19:00 EDT August 21st – US East Coast
00:00 BST August 22nd – UK
01:00 CEST August 22nd – Central Europe
07:00 CST August 22nd – China
08:30 ACST August 22nd – Australia

To celebrate the launch, we will be livestreaming brand new prisons on the Team17 Facebook page as soon as the Steam version becomes available. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for more!

The Escapists 2 will roll out on digital console storefronts as normal, and be available at retail on August 22nd!

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