Explore the bustling city of Ambrosia on your quest for culinary greatness! Epic Chef will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC, later this year…

Fresh off the boat, new to the city of Ambrosia, and playing as Zest, you will find yourself on a quest to become the best chef in the kingdom, taking down master chefs in outlan-dish culinary combat along the way.

A histrionic story-driven adventure, Epic Chef blends together several different genres in order to serve up a unique recipe for players; with farming, foraging, and food fights being a small slice of the action, Ambrosia offers plenty of activities to keep Zest busy from sunrise to sunset.

Dynamic recipe creation means nothing is off the menu! Craft and experiment with thousands of ingredient combinations, creating the very best – and worst – dishes imaginable, all in an attempt to take down the competition.

Key features

  • Story Time: A wonderfully crafted narrative unfolds as you journey to become the very best chef in Ambrosia
  • Delicious Dishes: Dynamic recipe creation means that you can experiment with thousands of different ingredient combinations to create a unique menu of delicious delights
  • Food Fights: Engage in battles across Ambrosia with master chefs; dishes are scored on a variety of things and no two judges have the same taste, meaning every battle is different
  • Home Sweet Home: Customise and repair your dilapidated (and slightly haunted) villa to its former glory
  • Discover Ambrosia: When the kitchen gets a little too hot you can go on spa trips, try fishing, or meet the friendly locals.

Epic Chef will be available digitally on PC and consoles later this year!

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