We’re thrilled to announce that The Iron Rig will arrive to DREDGE on August 15th! In case you missed the Future Game Show Summer Showcase, watch our Release Date Announcement Trailer below: 👇

On August 15th, you’ll be introduced to a new constructible town to your DREDGE adventure: The Iron Rig. Uncover ancient disturbances and craft advanced equipment, items and gadgets with the help of new acquaintances. Assist Ironhaven Corp’s constructions but remember, progress always comes at a price.

The Iron Rig DLC Features:
  • 🏗️ A new area to construct
  • ❓ Ancient disturbances to explore
  • 🐠 50+ new fish to catch
  • 🔬 Advanced abilities to research
  • ⛵ New upgrades to your boat
  • ➕ And More!

Join Ironhaven Corp’s efforts to assemble The Iron Rig, but be wary. What are they truly here for? 👀

Learn more about The Iron Rig here!

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