Hello everyone, big news for Crown Trick today, as we have a new DLC live on Steam – and Nintendo Switch players can now play the Darkness Invasion Update!

Darkness Invasion Update

First of all. Nintendo Switch players: The Darkness Invasion Update is now live for you to enjoy!

 Requiem of Elements

Venture once again into the mystical labyrinth, to uncover more treasures. Requiem of Elements is a 100% free DLC that improves upon the original Crown Trick adventure. Featuring a plethora of new weapons, relics, familiars, skills, achievements, and even a whole new game-mode, Dungeons of the Deep!

New game-mode: Dungeons of the Deep

Dungeons of the Deep is an endless mode where you face the unwavering foes of the labyrinth, that tests players ability to stay alive, providing a never-ending onslaught of randomly generated traps and enemies to face. You can also collect the brand-new Coins of the Deep; with the Coins, you will purchase weapons as your never-ending run continues through the maze. How long will you last? *ominous music*


  • Dungeons of the Deep, an endless mode has arrived! How long will you last?
  • Slay more creatively with 26 new weapons, including 9 of legendary quality.
  • Take a chance with 30 new relics to unlock, will you be blessed or cursed?
  • 25 new mysterious events, which ones will you encounter?
  • Gain greater favour with 5 new Familiars granting access to 10 new skills.
  • Extra buff – In Darkness Invasion or Dungeons of the Deep modes, you get one extra buff by spending soul shards before adventuring into the dungeon.
  •  More achievements for you to obtain!

Download the OST!

The Crown Trick OST is now available to download via the Steam Store page, too – for free! Enjoy the wonderfully evocative sounds of the Crown Trick realm, wherever you are!

We hope you have fun with the new DLC, and don’t forget – it’s free! Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us!


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