Greetings and salutations, strategy fans! If you’re here on this page then it’s because you’re interested in Sword Legacy: Omen, and we want to reward you with a unique chance to participate in the creation of the game!

We are looking for two imaginative gamers who will come up with names for the raven and wolf. These are creatures summoned into battle by Flint, Sword Legacy: Omen’s archer and “Wild Keeper”. Impress us with a suitable name and your suggestion may well find its way into the final game!

So what do you need to do to enter?
Simple: Just comment in the contest forum thread with your name suggestions for either the raven or the wolf (or both!) and we’ll pick two winners on the 30th of November.

To help you along, here’s some advice

• Get to know Sword Legacy: Omen and the world of Broken Britannia. Watch the trailers and try to think of names that would fit alongside characters like Uther, Gwen and Duanne. Don’t be afraid to research some Old English and Gaelic names.

• Keep it short and sweet. As much as we might enjoy suggestions like Lord Wolfy “Paws” Wolfington III, it’s unlikely that we’ll pick such a lengthy name.

• Think about the characteristics of the creatures. Each is extremely valuable in combat, both in an offensive capacity and as a way to defend our heroes.

• Take a look at their visual designs on this page to get those creative juices flowing.

Enter here!

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