The upcoming World War II turn-based strategy game from Absolutely Games reveals its core gameplay and unique mechanics ahead of its launch in 2024.

Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital today shared the first gameplay video for Classified: France ’44, which launches in 2024.

The video outlines the ambitious gameplay mechanics that evolve the turn-based tactics genre. These include the game’s unique morale system that means every shot counts; stealth and ambush gameplay to thin down overwhelming enemy forces; a flexible overwatch system that enables players to pick out attacking targets; and real-world fix-and-flank tactics to outmanoeuvre and destroy the enemy.

Classified France ’44 is inspired by the untold story of the Jedburghs: a group of heroic Allied special forces, dropped into occupied France to sow chaos behind enemy lines in the run-up to D-Day. During the game’s extensive campaign and using its RPG system, players will build a team of hardened soldiers and selfless French Resistance freedom fighters in the weeks ahead of the decisive Normandy landings; decide which missions to pursue, which regions to liberate, and ultimately shape the outcome of D-Day.

Classified: France ’44 Key Features

  • Realistic Tactics: Enemy engagements replicate real-world military tactics. Use stealth to ambush your opponents, pin them in place with suppressing fire, then when their morale is broken, flank them to finish the job.
  • Discover an untold story: Lead a campaign based on the heroic exploits of the Allied special forces ahead of the Normandy landings. Unite with the French Resistance, growing a unique and memorable team with their own skills, politics, and personalities.
  • Define D-Day: In the game’s branching and highly replayable campaign, form an elite team, liaise with disparate political factions, face challenging dilemmas, liberate key regions of France, and ultimately, raise a Resistance force that will make or break the D-Day landings.
  • Fight on: Classified: France ’44 is built on the Classified System, and will include a mission editor for the PC community to craft and share their own creations, using the very same tools that the game itself was built in. Upcoming DLCs develop this further, with new enemies, campaigns, and more!

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