Set in a world rebuilding after an apocalypse and ripe for exploring and recivilising, Before We Leave launches on Steam with brand-new content, including scenarios and weather that affects fatigue, crop growth, and movement speed; in-game performance updates; as well as the multiple waves of content.

The game’s Steam launch comes with a slew of incredible content updates. This includes:

  • The Kraken Comes: An update bringing submarines, trading ships, the Kraken guardian, and underground shelters.
  • Over & Under: An update rolling out new overlays for better experiences, new UI and UX, new languages, and more.
  • Paving the Way: A visual upgrade, new roads, new resources, new type of Warehouse, new effects, and more.
  • Biomes & Beasties: Three new island biomes, new visuals, inclusion of animals, discoverable secrets, and more.

Dive into a world full of wonder and help your Peeps discover the secrets that lie within the universe today!

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