Happy International Women’s Day!

At Team17, we chose to mark the occasion by inviting our Teamsters to nominate those who they felt were positive role models and champions of gender equality 💜

Emma Bates – Production

“I’d like to nominate Emma Bates. Emma is a powerful contributor at Team17, she is a visible role model within the business who uplifts and inspires those around her.”

Lucy Newman – Digital Marketing

“Lucy actively identifies and challenges bias in her role including constructively calling out antiquated and inaccurate descriptions and stereotypes.”

Marianne Eie – QA

“Marianne is a strong, self-driven woman who engages those around her to improve, and with humility as part of her style, people are eager to get on board and help drive initiatives. She is a leader, a key contributor, and guaranteed rising star to look out for.”

Kate Parker – Talent Acquisition

“Kate is a strong, positive influence at Team17 and is always championing for equality not just in the work place, but in our wider industry too. Kate isn’t afraid to speak up and drive change.”

Lauren May – Community and Social

“Lauren regularly champions female colleagues across the company, using the Team17 brand and its reach as a voice to shine a light on female talent internally and externally.”

Mich Davis – Marketing

“Mich Davis is an awesome leader and a role model. She’s an absolute killer when it comes to marketing and standing up for own values and beliefs. She’s also one of the most positive and openminded people I’ve ever met.”

Daniella Davies – IT

“I love to break the stereotype, even though I am a big nerd and a huge gamer I am also extremely girly and indulge in my feminine qualities. I have been to many protests for women’s rights and consider myself a huge feminist. I hope to make this world a better place for future generations.”

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