Are you ready to loot and plunder?

Co-operative beat ‘em up dungeon brawler, Bravery & Greed launches on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 November 15th, 2022! 

Melding classic fantasy arcade game play with permadeath, roguelike elements, and an insatiable objective of grabbing fistfuls of gold and treasure, Bravery & Greed will include several modes for players to loot and plunder through! 

Check out the trailer below for more in-depth info: 

Harking back to classic adventure video games of the 80’s and 90’s, Bravery & Greed offers four classes, all with their own unique skills and abilities, for players to . Master your class to survive long enough to loot everything (and anything) you can get their hands on! 🏃💨

PLUS, get ready for Nov 15th by polishing your daggers on the demo, now LIVE on Steam! ⚙️✨

Bravery & Greed Key Features 🗝️

Pick Your Class 

 There are four classes to choose from, each having their own perks and disadvantages! 

The Rogue 🗡️: Nimble, quick and stealthy. This class can take down foes from afar with their trusty bow and arrow. If efficiency is your thing, there’s no better class.

The Warrior 🛡️: Mighty and sturdy. A resilient melee specialist who can seriously tank and control crowds. Block and/or parry with a trusty shield, providing a both evasive and offensive moveset.

The Wizard 🧙 : A challenging class to master. Specialising in medium/long range attacks that work best when not too close to the action. Teleport out of harms way, and summon bulky familiars to destroy your foes.

The Amazon ⚔️: A melee expert. Lethal at short and mid-range attacks, with little to no regard for her own safety. Aggressive playstyle, and strong close combat abilities make up this challenging class.

Bravery & Greed features several unique game modes for players to jump into including Adventure mode – a traditional campaign with a variety of environments and enemies for players to tackle. Explore a variety of thrilling environments in Adventure Mode as you tackle biomes and bosses in your search for runes to the Sky Fortress! 

Alternatively, try out Horde mode – an increasing challenge with waves of unrelenting enemies; or PvP modes, where players will be able to settle their grudges in head-to-head combat. 

… And More!

  • Multiplayer: Jump into the fun with up to four-player online and local co-operative gameplay, with a variety of both PvE and PvP game modes 
  • Robust Combat System: Parry, dodge, and juggle abilities to unleash destructive spells on mighty foes, bosses, and even unsuspecting allies 
  • Gameplay Altering Perks: Four different paths await, each offering up perks that will affect gameplay, but beware, once a path is chosen the player is committed to it until death. 
  • Items: The cavernous dungeons of Bravery & Greed are littered with items for players to pick up and equip; gloves, boots, amulets, and wands all share affinities with one of the four paths, use them correctly to devastating effect.  
  • NPC Followers: Hidden throughout the levels, humanoid and animal followers can be acquired to fight alongside players, helping usher them towards the glorious gold and treasure that awaits.  

Bravery & Greed is currently available to wishlist on Steam. To keep up to date with all the information on Bravery & Greed please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord!

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