Hey all!

Thank you for all of your feedback following our demo. We loved receiving all of your feedback, both positive and constructive, and would love to share with you the changes we plan to implement based on this ⚔️

Gameplay 🎮
  • The jump physics of Players have been reworked
  • The ascension speed is now linear instead of accelerating during the later part of the ascension of the jump
  • The time window which allows control over the height of the jump by holding the button has been increased (7 frames -> 10 frames)
  • The overall maximum jump height is unchanged

We hugely appreciated the feedback we received from the community regarding how the Jump works and feels, and so we decided to make changes so that the Jump feels more natural to use.

Balance ⚖️


  • Stealth (Down+Attack or Down+Special) now has invulnerability frames during the later part of the casting animation, and has reduced stamina cost (30 -> 20)
  • Thousand Blades (Up+Attack) is now overall 7% faster
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Rogue’s basic combo (Attack > Attack > Attack) to not be reliable or not launch as high in the air as intended. This now allows the Rogue to follow-up with
  • customized and devastating combos, such as Attack > Attack > Attack > Up+Attack > Hold Attack

We received feedback that although the Rogue was a fun high risk/reward class, it felt underpowered compared to the other classes. We are making adjustments to give the Rogue stronger options, and added an extra use case to the Stealth special ability.


  • Elemental basic punch damage has been lowered (50 -> 40 damage per hit) and the finisher punch damage has been lowered (200 -> 150 damage)
  • The Elemental now travels at a slightly slower speed during Recall (Down+Attack in Summon mode) and Hop (Back+Attack or Forward+Attack in Summon mode)
  • Added a small stamina cost to each Command in Summon mode
  • Reduced the health of the Elemental (700 -> 600 HP)
  • Reduced the range of the Teleport/Roll while in Summon mode
  • Damage for the last hit of the Attack+Attack+Attack combo in Ki Strikes mode has been increased (250 -> 300 damage)
  • Shield (Down+Attack in Ki Strikes mode) now reflects enemy projectiles for a much longer duration

We received some feedback during the Demo the Wizard felt hard to use, yet significantly overpowered once mastered. We are making changes to make the Elemental a bit easier to control, and balance a few of its outstanding strengths. Worry not, the Wizard is still as unique as ever!


  • Improved the speed of a successful parry counter-attack


  • Until now, the shield combos Attack > Special and Attack > Attack > Special could only be performed if the attacks had hit an enemy. Now, they can be performed anytime
  • Up+Attack now has increased vertical movement and better forward reach, and an additional animation step during startup
  • When blocking with no stamina left, guard-crush duration has been significantly increased

We were so pleased to receive very positive feedback regarding the Amazon and the Warrior! With both of these, we are simply making minor improvements to their toolkits.

Other Various Changes 🛠️
  • Added a short wind-up animation to the Gorillem’s running charge attack
  • Increased the startup of attacks from Gargoyles and Harpies
  • Changed Gargoyle fly speed from 5.25 to 4.25 meters per second
  • Increased damage from the Boots of the Behemoth’s ability (75 -> 150 damage)
  • Increased the cooldown of the heal from Whimsical Guardian’s heal (Aelfen Stone) (7s -> 10s)
Improvements 🛠️
  • In the Lobby, reduced the cases where pressing an input on the Keyboard would cause a new character to be added to the game. To add a new character using a Keyboard, click on the Controller
  • icon at the top of the character slot
  • In the Lobby, Client Players can now see the description of the Arcana the Host Player is currently selecting
  • Improved the logic to automatically reassign a controller after an accidental controller disconnect
  • Attempting to jump-down a passthrough platform while a friendly wolf can be petted will now queue the jump-down action after successfully petting the wolf.

Bug fixes 🐛

Fixed an issue that doubled directional inputs when navigating the UI with a controller

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the wrong Arcanum description to be displayed while selecting Arcana in the Lobby
  • Fixed a display issue with player Chat bubbles in online games
  • Fixed Followers behaving unnaturally during Special Events
  • Fixed an unnatural camera movement when entering Fight rooms
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to not launch in Fullscreen during the first startup
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Infestation ability (Parasitic Gauntlets) to not work properly
  • Fixed the Mitosis perk (Wizard + Life Path) not always properly duplicating the Energy Ball upon impact with a ceiling
  • Fixed an issue that could rarely cause the Amazon to not be able to catch her Chakram

That’s all, Adventurers! Once again, thank you for all your feedback as we continue through to launch ✨

Bravery & Greed is currently available to wishlist on Steam. To keep up to date with all the information on Bravery & Greed please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord!

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