Hey everyone,

Today we’re pleased to be celebrating the second anniversary of Blasphemous’ launch!

To mark the occasion the developers of Blasphemous, The Game Kitchen, put together a video to share a look at the last two years of the game, as well as a look forward to an exciting future…

Two Years of Guilt
Two Years of Penance
Two Years of Blasphemous

To everyone who has picked up a copy of Blasphemous and ventured into the nightmare world of Cvstodia, thank you all so much!

Competition Time

To celebrate two years of Blasphemous we’re giving you the chance to win some most precious relics…

Two Winners 1 x Nintendo Switch LRG Collectors Edition
Three Runners-up 1 x PS4 or Switch LRG Physical Edition

The competition runs until September 17th, so move with haste and enter here.


Join the over one million strong community who have already taken on the mantle of the Penitent One and discover Blasphemous! Only you can break the eternal cycle of penance:

Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

Learn more about Blasphemous, including the latest exciting news at the following locations:

Blasphemous Twitter
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