Peeps, unite! As today, Before We Leave is now available to pre-order on steam!

In addition, there is a pre-order promotion of 25% off!
Now is the perfect time to grab a copy, ready for you to visit your Peeps, and to help them rebuild their civilisation on the 13th May.

Before We Leave launches on Steam on the 13th May, and includes a huge content update, including:


There are now 4 scenarios, which alter the way Before We Leave plays:First, we have “Apocalypse Soon”, which tells a story of how your Peeps ended up in the underground Shelter at the start of the game. It’s a race against time to try to save your Peeps!

Next, “Getting Busy” challenges you to keep all your Peeps happy, when the rules for how more Peeps are created get changed.

The “Planning Committee” scenario messes with the rules for placing buildings. It’s a must try for anyone looking for a challenge.

And last but not least, “Seed Hunter” gives you a game where you can’t build Fields for food until you’ve found new seeds to plant.

  • New weather systems that roam around planets will add unique challenges for your Peeps, and weather can be hot or cold, dry or wet, windy or calm.
  • Hot or Cold weather causes fatigue and affects how productive your fields are.
  • Desert and Snow islands now cause fatigue as a result of their default weather settings!
  • Wind affects movement of both Peeps and Ships, and also how productive Wind Power Generators are.
  • A new overlay will be added to display weather systems and effects.
  • For an added challenge, there’s a new game difficulty setting to control weather in your games.

You can now invent and construct Airships!
  • Passenger airships allow you to set up trade routes for Peeps, either to quickly populate a new Island, or to continuously ship happy Peeps one way and sad Peeps back the other way, so you can cheer sad Peeps up on a nicer Island.
  • Trade and Colony Airships work about the same as their ocean counterparts, except that they can trade/colonise into the middle of islands.

In addition to this, we also have 56 achievements ready to tackle and Steam trading cards as well!

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