Greetings, Peeps!

We come today with news of a new patch for Before We Leave on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Thank you for your patience so far as we’ve worked on these fixes!

Check them out below:


  • Fix for Peeps not fetching food/water on the island despite it being available
  • Ensure simulation runs for all entities, optimise simulation time per frame to improve fps
  • Fix, apocalypse scenario not ending
  • Remove crystal resource from default apocalypse now config
  • Various navigation and control soft-lock issues
  • Null checks for resource tool tips
  • Research window timing issue fix
  • Check for peep indicator fix
  • Tooltip optimisation
  • Fix camera position when navigating to new planet
  • Fix spaceship landing tile left thumbstick movement
  • Fix tile selection after switching planets
  • Fix, hint randomisation issue

That’s all for now, Peeps! We’ll catch you in the next update!

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