Introducing  ‘Battle of the Dancers’, a new Headbangers game mode, arriving April 4th!

Hey Flock. 👋🐦 Today, we are ecstatic to share more details about our new game mode for Headbangers: Rhythm Royale!

🪩 Battle of the Dancers arrives with our Season 3 update on April 4th!

More dancing Pigeons. You asked for it. We are delivering it! Battle of the Dancers is a brand-new game mode that challenges players to put their best talon forward in a one-on-one rhythm battle and includes a selection of new choreography and tracks.

🕺 How to play:

In Battle of the Dancers, your aim is to play the music in rhythm, with perfect timing and using the correct buttons. Hit all buttons in a row without any mistakes and you’ll begin filling up your fireball gauge. You guessed it, when this gauge fills, you’ll send a devastating fireball at your opponent, which lowers their health bar. The last Pigeon standing wins… or you could say it is Owl or nothing!

❤️ Separate from our tournament mode

Battle of the Dancers is separate from our tournament mode. In our battle royale tournament mode for Headbangers, players tap, flap, and rap their way to victory in a series of manic musical mini-games against up to 29 other player-controlled pigeons, battling their way to become Master Headbanger. You can select between the two modes in our Season 3 Menu.

✅ Community Requested Features

When creating our new game mode, we have implemented changes based on community feedback since our launch in October 2023. Battle of the Dancers will include features such as voting options, expanding on the music genres and the addition of a Ranked Mode- all for Battle of the Dancers!

👀 Coo-munity Flock for BOTD is coming soon!

Coo-munity Flock 8 will be released soon. This video will include more gameplay details around the new Battle of the Dancers game mode!

3️⃣ Headbangers Season 3 features:

Alongside the release of Battle of the Dancers for Headbangers: Rhythm Royale, Season 3 of Headbangers will launch on 4th April! Season 3 brings new cosmetic items to the in-game shop, a new challenge skin, a fresh 30-tiered free battle pass with new cosmetics and more!

See you on 4th April for the launch of Season 3 Flock… 👋

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