Harness unique powers and forge a path across the galaxy while docked or on the move when Stormind Games’ interplanetary adventure arrives on Nintendo Switch on 6th April.

Team17 and Stormind Games have announced that multi-award-winning Batora: Lost Haven will launch on Nintendo Switch on 6th April. The game combines unique hybrid hack ‘n’ slash combat and twin-stick shooting mechanics with intricate puzzle solving.

Set across a galaxy comprised of unique alien planets, Batora: Lost Haven follows Avril on an interstellar adventure as she harnesses the dual powers of the Sun and Moon, leveraging the power of her mind and body against unearthly foes. Featuring a branching narrative with multiple endings, players will make life changing decisions, and ultimately decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice for love.

Watch the trailer:

Key Features:
  • Answer destiny’s call: Join Avril as she journeys across the universe, uncovering ancient secrets, wielding unimaginable power, and making life altering decisions
  • Fast-paced, multi-layered combat: Harness the powers of the Sun and Moon, leveraging the power of the mind and body in frenetic battles against unearthly enemies
  • Choose you path: Consider your actions and forge your path in an epic, interplanetary tale, ultimately deciding just how much you’re willing to sacrifice for love
  • Intricate puzzle solving: Solve intricate puzzles and otherworldly challenges, putting Avril’s mind and body to the ultimate test

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