We’ve just updated Aven Colony on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to include a bunch of new content and features completely FREE. Governor perks allow you to customise your experience further while challenge maps test your governing skills on difficult, timed missions on brand new maps. These new maps have been added to the sandbox mode as well, which now has new starting positions for all maps allowing you to change your approach each time you play. The new water treatment plant also gives you another alternative to water production for your colony.

Check out the full patch notes below:

  • New Governor Perks system! Select 1 of 15 perks when starting any new mission.
  • New Challenge Missions: Boreal Bay, Bluestone Falls, and Icebound Isle. These are very challenging missions designed for experienced players, but can be played at the same 7 difficulty settings as campaign missions.
  • New sandbox maps: Boreal Bay, Bluestone Falls, and Icebound Isle are also now available as sandbox maps.
  • Landing sites: all sandbox maps now have alternate “A” and “B” start locations (for the existing maps, “A” is the previous location, and “B” is the new one).
  • Revised sandbox setup: completely overhauled the sandbox setup UI to better display all possible options, and added a few more sandbox setup options.
  • Revised difficulty setup: changed campaign mission difficulty to a list instead of a drop-down. Also, changing campaign mission difficulty now shows what options are impacted (note that unlike sandbox, these cannot be changed individually; all are determined by the difficulty setting).
  • New building: Water Treatment Plant! The Water Treatment Plant recovers an amount of water that scales with the total inhabitants of any directly adjacent residential buildings. Note that each residential building can only be served by 1 Water Treatment Plant.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Check out the Content Drop 3 trailer from the Steam launch earlier this year:

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